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What Does a Single Point of Integration Look Like?

Derek Smith, Head of Product Marketing

VOSS announced news of its Single Point of Integration last week, and we have been busy demoing this enhanced capability since the EC16 show opened yesterday.

As our CEO explained in the press announcement; "Historically, integrating UC platforms with upstream and downstream IT systems has been expensive, difficult and time consuming. With VOSS-4-UC, we believe that true business system integration is achievable and can allow significantly more powerful flow-through features and services, at lower cost."

So what does the VOSS Single Point of Integration look like?

This is an overview of the VOSS-4-UC BCOM (business communications operations management) architecture, which empowers large enterprises to fully integrate their UC platforms with other business systems, while carrying out a core role in provisioning the UC applications themselves. This adaptable framework fits flexibly into any unique enterprise environment without expensive customization. VOSS-4-UC Single Point of Integration comprises:

Zero touch provisioning
Synchronization between the Active Directory (AD) and VOSS-4-UC can be extended to support flow-through, zero-touch provisioning from HR and AD systems, into automated work-flows in VOSS-4-UC that configure subscriber services.

Northbound integrations
VOSS-4-UC synchronizes UC subscriber data with other enterprise IT systems providing near real-time updates on UC subscriber services, simplifying internal billing and cost allocation.

UC Analytics

The VOSS Analytics module pulls data from multiple applications, devices and infrastructure, into a single dashboard, giving a big picture view of resource utilization.

Service request systems

VOSS-4-UC REST-API offers two-way integration with Service Request Systems such as ServiceNow, allowing service tickets to be actioned and the results fed back.

Notification systems
VOSS-4-UC workflows can be readily extended to send emails and provide event updates.


I’m pleased to say, all feedback on the booth has been extremely positive. This is a huge step forward in terms of a single point of integration for business communications. And, now that VOSS offers a single point of integration, we truly believe that enterprises will be able to achieve much higher rates of automation, and IT staff will have a framework to optimize their business communications and improve end user adoption.

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