VOSS Solutions

A Look Back at Cisco Live Berlin


Stefan Peters, Sales Director, VOSS Solutions

This is the first time that VOSS has exhibited at Cisco Live Europe, and we have been really impressed with the event.

In the run-up to the show, we had some exciting news to share, which built both momentum and excitement as we anticipated our week in Berlin.

Firstly, we announced VOSS f(X), the VOSS innovations lab which invites customers to get involved in our early stage developments. At Cisco Live, we shared the concept of VOSS f(X) with customers that visited our booth and I’m pleased to say a number of key customers agreed to get involved in VOSS f(X) and help influence the next wave of VOSS innovations.

Secondly, we announced an exciting new partnership with Imagicle, with the goal of combining the capabilities of VOSS and Imagicle to broaden and diversify the cloud solution available to 128+ Cisco HCS customers globally. As Cisco HCS moves towards a shared architecture, this partnership comes at a crucial time, as it will give HCS customers access to application integration, new features, and enhanced solutions. At our booth, there was a lot of interest from Cisco HCS customers in the new partnership, as we discussed the new opportunities it opens up for cloud collaboration.

Thirdly, we announced a collaboration with KCOM to provide integrated contact centre management and UC management from a single portal. At Cisco Live, many visitors to our booth face the challenge of managing both front and back office systems from a single pane of glass, so being able to demonstrate how VOSS makes this easy was a real win.

My overall perception of Cisco Live is that this is the event to attend if you want to learn about the latest developments that integrate with your Cisco environment, to make sure you’re getting the most from your technology solution.

We had so many interactive and inspiring conversations with organisations looking to get more from their existing UC environment:

  • We demonstrated our industry leading UC management platform and how it consistently delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprise communications.
  • VOSS UC Analytics was another sought-after demo, as visitors learnt how to quickly retrieve information about users, devices, services, licenses and transactions, through our easy-to-use web-based portal.
  • VOSS migration products and tools continue to generate a lot of interest, as organisations came to our booth to learn how our revolutionary methodology helps to rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services.

Taking into consideration the many interesting conversations at our booth, and the amount of momentum in the industry, we will definitely be back next year.