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Bringing Sophisticated UC Management to the Contact Center

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Tim Jalland, Senior Project Manager, VOSS Solutions

The anytime, anywhere, "right now" attitude of customers who wish to make use of the latest technology and mobile devices, is raising the bar on customer experience. First contact resolution and short queue times are paramount, as are operational efficiency, staff utilization, and agility to remain competitive and viable.

Historically, contact center management has been provided through a mix of manual efforts, disparate management applications, and spreadsheets; a fragmented, inefficient, and inflexible approach with multiple user interfaces.

The VOSS solution
In the VOSS f(X) innovations lab is an exciting development where VOSS-4-UC extends robust enterprise grade UC management to the contact center.

KCOM is the first HCS provider to take advantage of this innovation; see our announcement on February 20th.

So how does it work?
To manage a combined back office and front office estate, the VOSS-4-UC management platform includes new elements that are tightly integrated into a service provider’s environment. This functionality is provided through a single domain manager portal and offers:

  • Mechanisms to add/change/delete agents
  • Manage agent desktop settings
  • Manage agent teams and supervisors
  • Manage skill groups
  • Manage workflows and associated entitlement profiles

What are the benefits?

VOSS-4-UC offers improved operational efficiency and agility, and helping service providers to meet the needs and expectations of today’s demanding customers:

  • A consistent approach to managing back office users and front office agents – a faster, more accurate and simpler way to manage change on the service
  • Improved customer experience – customer access for self-service is managed through a single portal
  • Flexibility – quicker access to and rapid deployment of new features as requested by enterprise customers
  • Increased accuracy - removal of manual and multiple data entry points in different management applications
  • Reduced revenue leakage – all customers, consumed services and changes are correctly charged for as they are provisioned

We're exhibiting at Cisco Live this week and we are talking about this at our booth. Stop by at booth #E97 to find out more, or contact us to set up a meeting!