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Cisco HCS business workshop and technical training  - A great week in Paris


Ian Green, Technical Account Manager, VOSS

The Cisco Deployathon is always a very inspiring experience for VOSS, as it gives us the chance to meet face-to-face with customers from far and wide. It’s always a busy week, packed with presentations and demos, but with plenty of time for networking and creative discussions with our valued customer base.

Paris was no exception. Over 110 people attended; a blend of Cisco ecosystem partners and customers. We were  grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our latest production-ready integrations with Contact Center Domain Manager (CCDM), ServiceNow, JamCracker, and Singlewire. The momentum in these areas is notable, as many of our customers look to VOSS as the single point of integration for their UC services and applications.

We announced our integration with Jamcracker in August as part of the latest Shared Architecture solution from VOSS. The optional pre-built integration with Jamcracker enables providers to host a branded portal for SMEs to order their UC cloud services. Behind the scenes, enhanced VOSS-4-UC workflows automate the initial customer onboarding, user provisioning, and Imagicle directory service set up.   

At the Deployathon, Shared Architecture was a popular discussion between VOSS and our customers, as our solution for Shared Architecture is proving to be the quickest and most cost-effective way to onboard, provision and manage new customers.

We discussed our integration strategy with portals and business management platforms such as ServiceNow, and how these are helping our partners streamline their processes.  This included showing how we can ease the integration with these platforms by creating simplified VOSS-4-UC APIs that aggregate multiple operations to create a business level integration and mask the UC domain complexities. This approach has been successfully implemented at HCS partners and has been in production for over a year.

We also enjoyed hosting a technical workshop which was well attended and interactive. This gave VOSS  the opportunity to showcase some of our most recent Adaptations. One of these is the automation of Cisco UCCE  through VOSS-4-UC giving the administrator a single view into UC and Contact Center. These new Adaptations are driven by  partners to increase efficiency and profitability, enabling them to achieve greater ROI.  

I was impressed that a significant number of HCS partners attending the Deployathon have already engaged with VOSS to benefit from our Adaptation technology. VOSS Adaptations enable an HCS partner to customize its UC platform to suit the exact needs of the business, without complex, labor-intensive coding. We have many use case examples of Adaptations that we have carried out and that are in use by partners; if any resonate with your business requirements, please get in touch!

The big news from the event is that there is a renewed focus on Cisco HCS. In recent times, Cisco Spark and Spark Call have dominated the headlines, and while these initiatives are still underway, there is definitely a new level of intensity around HCS. This is good news for VOSS, as we have over 100 customers around the world who rely on VOSS-4-UC management technology as part of their Hosted Collaboration Solution.