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Don't Miss Out - HCS Partner Webinars: Unlock more value from your investment with VOSS

Rob Moore, VP Global Services, VOSS Solutions

Recently, VOSS hosted a series of webinars for Cisco HCS partners, to share ways to optimize and get more value from the HCS platform, and to improve the end user experience. The webinars have had a phenomenal turnout from Cisco HCS partners around the world, and generated a lot of interest in the HCS community.

It's not too late see this valuable content, on-demand:

Five Good Reasons to Move to VOSS-4-UC
In this webinar, we give an update on the VOSS H.O.M.E (HCS open management evolution) program which proactively supports Cisco HCS partners to seamlessly migrate their CUCDM platform to VOSS-4-UC. We explain the many advantages and feature benefits of moving to the latest version of VOSS-4-UC, including coordinated management for Spark Hybrid, improved reporting, data mining and troubleshooting with VOSS Analytics, and customized UC management to better adapt to operational processes and integrate with back office systems.

VOSS Adaptations: Practical Examples of How to Unlock the Power of Your HCS Platform
In this webinar, we explain how VOSS Adaptations unlock a wealth of workflow improvements to Cisco HCS environments. We give some real-life examples of how to efficiently adapt your automation processes to the specific and evolving needs of your business, without any need for re-coding.

Bringing UC Assurance into the VOSS Vision
In this webinar, we explain how VOSS Assurance can add great insight into the quality and performance of your UC experience, and how integrating these assurance capabilities with the fulfillment capabilities into a single view can provide greater benefit in ensuring an overall quality service delivery.

KCOM Case Study: Integrating UC and the Contact Center
In this webinar, KCOM joins VOSS to talk about how they have streamlined day-to-day operations on one of the UK’s largest contact center installations by putting the customer in complete control of their own moves, adds and changes. KCOM explains how they have used VOSS Adaptations to add new elements to Cisco HCS that are tightly integrated into KCOM's environment.