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Exciting Development for VOSS MiGR8-2-UC: Day-2 Support Functions


Henry Barton, VP Strategy, VOSS Solutions

Over the last few year, many VOSS customers have benefited from the power of MiGR8-2-UC; our highly sophisticated product that is designed to carry out big data UC migration projects. In that time, we have run millions of automated provisioning transactions, moving users, phones, soft-clients, and associated services from legacy environments to state of the art UC platforms.

As with all things, these migration projects are getting increasingly sophisticated, as our customers challenge us with new problems to overcome, and as we strive to make UC environments work better, smarter, and more efficiently as a result of the migration project.

One such example is some recent work that we have undertaken to develop capabilities to extract data from VOSS-4-UC, make mass changes, and then load the changes in bulk; all using VOSS-4-UC APIs. This has huge potential for a large range of mass Day-2 Support tasks, and opens a new chapter for MiGR8-2-UC.

As an example, last week, we used the MiGR8-2-UC Day-2 Support tool to recalculate and load Entitlements for the one of our service provider's customers. This went so smoothly, that the service provider has requested a recalculation for all its other customers on the VOSS-4-UC platform. Getting Entitlements calculated correctly is a key component for accurate billing, so this is a major breakthrough for our service provider customers.

MiGR8-2-UC Day-2 Support Functions are being developed to address a wide range of requirements, including:

  • Entitlement profile calculation and re-provisioning
  • Dial plan switching support, with mass update of line, phone, device profile and associated settings
  • Updating of data/INI tables with E164 settings and usage and description fields, plus checking of used and available fields
  • Loading of primary-line settings onto CUCM users
  • Management of ‘orphaned’ phones and gateway end-points, via addition of associated users or removal of ‘orphaned’ phones.
  • Management of ‘orphaned’ voicemail accounts
  • Validation of subscriber service settings versus best-practice
  • Updating of subscriber service settings to best-practice:
    • Phone line label, phone display name, phone E164 mask, phone description
    • Line Alerting name, line description
    • Voicemail time zones and languages
  • Conversion of local users into LDAP users
  • Updating of user data fields with new or corrected data
  • Merging and splitting sites
  • Mass migration of subscriber and services from one cluster to another

To find out more about MiGR8-2-UC Day-2 Support Functions, please contact us.