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Enhanced "Move" Workflows in VOSS-4-UC Speed User Data Migration


Rob Hamlin, Director Solutions Engineering, VOSS

As an engineer, I’m in a role where my focus is to provide solutions to any frustrations that my Provider customers face; and feedback is always the key to success. Recently, I had an exchange with a systems administrator, when in passing, they expressed a frustration for an issue which had no apparent solution.

The Provider had won new business, and needed to take a singular set of UC applications and provide move, add, change support through their VOSS-4-UC system. The frustration lay in the process of overbuilding a set of UC applications. One of the first steps is to move the user data to the site level. In this end customer’s call manager - which was a home grown enterprise system - there was little data on the CallManager user that was useful in the filter mechanisms of move user. The Provider needed a new approach that could simply take all the users’ data for a given CUCM cluster, and move them to a single site "en masse".

I set to work, designing a solution to fit the issue. VOSS-4-UC inherently knows the association of any given CallManager user to its respective CUCM publisher. This information can be leveraged to create a new tool to easily move the user data.

In the upcoming release of VOSS-4-UC Version 17.6, the overbuild systems have been enhanced and the move workflows are much quicker. Harnessing these enhancements, I created a new tool that requests a minimal amount of input data in order to move all of the pre-requisite user data before running overbuild for the devices, lines etc.

The input form for the tool is driven by a drop-down menu. The administrator only needs to know three pieces of information to move all the user data for a cluster:

  1. The source hierarchy: This will be the hierarchy at which the CallManager cluster was imported.
  2. The source CUCM cluster: This is important in that the tool does support multi-cluster deployments and will move only the user data associated to a specific deployment. The drop-down menu will give a short list of available CallManager clusters in that specific hierarchy.
  3. The target hierarchy: This is the site to which the user data will be moved.

The speed enhancement in testing of this new feature make it possible to move 60,000 users' data to a site level in just over 20 minutes. This is a vast improvement over the previous iterations of the move tooling which on a deployment of that size would take hours if not days to complete.

As a result of a passing conversation where i picked up on a minor customer frustration, we have gained insight into a feature gap to which there has been a straightforward solution.

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