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VOSS and Cisco Spark - Management Made Easy

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Bill Dellara, VP Product Management, VOSS

Cisco Spark has really set the market alight, and Cisco continues to invest in this area with the announcement of two "ground-break innovations" announced last month: Cisco Spark Board and new Cisco Spark software capabilities.

There is great value in Spark; it offers improved collaboration and productivity for enterprise organizations, and introduces new revenue opportunities for service providers.

The VOSS UC management platform can deploy, integrate, and then manage hybrid Spark, as part of your overall UC environment, reducing the time it takes to realize these new revenue and productivity benefits. 

How it works
Adding Cisco Spark to a UC environment typically means creating a new Spark onboarding process using a directory connector, adopting a separate administration portal, implementing a multi-step process across several applications to manage users, and assessing the impact to service management. 

VOSS-4-UC, the world’s most advanced UC management platform, allows you to quickly add automated management support for Cisco Spark, which is then managed alongside all your other UC products and services. There is no need for new management processes, or directory connectors for onboarding. Spark becomes another service option for your administrators to select for provisioning and management.

VOSS-4-UC automates the communication with the various applications in the background. And service management is so much easier with a single view into your complete UC solution meaning monetizing the new service and driving adoption is much easier.

What are the benefits?
With VOSS, your operations team can centrally manage hybrid Spark services alongside your other UC services. VOSS-4-UC automates the full user lifecycle: add, modify, move and delete, which means that many of these tasks can be completed more than 10 times faster and with less errors.

Bulk administration can further increase this speed. And, Active Directory integration with flow through provisioning from VOSS eliminates the need for onboarding with a separate directory connector.

VOSS-4-UC provides fast, accurate, and secure UC management which can be easily extended to hybrid Spark and other new UC products, devices and services.

We’ll be talking about this at our booth at Cisco Live Berlin.