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VOSS f(X) – Join the conversation

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Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager, VOSS Solutions

Before a VOSS product "hits the shelves" there is a lot of innovation that goes on behind the scenes. While products concepts are being nurtured and while new solutions are evolving, VOSS goes to great lengths to gain market validation, to offer customers early access for beta review, and to rigorously test the quality of the new offering.

We have decided to open this development process up to the public, and are pleased to announce VOSS f(X).

VOSS f(X) is a collection of exciting advancements in our product capabilities, early stage development efforts, or new concepts we are exploring. As feedback is at the core of our development efforts, we encourage customers and partners to join the conversation and help influence the next wave of VOSS innovations.

Currently in the VOSS f(X) innovation lab are two nascent products and solutions:

To hear about VOSS innovations early in their cycles, please email innovations@voss-solutions.com.