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VOSS Predictions for the UC industry in 2018


Christopher May, VP, VOSS 

It's that time of year again, when we give you our thoughts on the direction of the UC industry in 2018. We were delighted that many of our 2017 predictions came to fruition. Let's see how we do in 2018!

1. Turmoil in the UCaaS industry

VOSS predicts that in 2018 the UCaaS market will continue to grow at pace, but there will be disorder as the industry experiences massive change, such as:

  • Increased competition, especially in the more lucrative SME market
  • Prices being driven down in the UCaaS market, as a result in increased competition
  • Rationalization as new entrants buy the leading UCaaS players
  • A resurgence from the traditional Telcos as they leverage their mobile network advantage to offer fixed mobile convergence as part of UCaaS

2. The importance of big data

We believe that 2018 will see big data becoming a key factor in the enterprise communications industry, as organizations come to realise that they can significantly improve business productivity if they measure communications occurring between their various team members. Gathering communications-based data and then extrapolating actionable intelligence will provide competitive advantage.

3. Private cloud

In 2018, private cloud will become a much more common model for large, complex organizations. We foresee the private cloud provider model starting to replace the traditional managed service provider model.

4. The dominance of digital transformation

Digital transformation will continue to dominate organizations' IT strategy, but UC will become the top-ranking area for investment as companies understand that communications is by far the most cost-effective way to transform their business processes. And, UC management will be a critical enabler of UC-based digital transformation.

5. The blending of ITMS and UCMS

IT management systems (ITMS) and UC management systems (UCMS) will continue to get closer in 2018, as ITMS vendors start to see the value in enabling IT teams to manage the enterprise communications environment.

6. The automation of things

As automation becomes a theme across all walks of life, 2018 will see the UC industry increase its dependence on automation and related tools, to speed processes, introduce repeatability, achieve change quicker, and provide a more reliable and predictable service to end users.

7. Multi-platform management

With the UC industry trending towards multi-vendor best-of-breed UC, multi-platform UC management will become more important than ever, to enable organizations to manage the increasing levels of complexity in their communications environments.

8. Well, why not?

Finally, we believe that once again, VOSS will top the Nemertes UC management vendor list in 2018, beating all other management tool for value in terms of operational and implementation savings, and user adoption rates!

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