VOSS Solutions

Why you should join our panel session at Enterprise Connect, on Thursday 30 March

Christopher Martini, VP Skype for Business, VOSS Solutions

I'm delighted to be representing VOSS at Enterprise Connect this coming Thursday, March 30, during the event’s annual panel session dedicated to UC management.

This year, the session is entitled "Trends in Systems Management: How You (and Your Tools) Can Get Smarter", and will be moderated by Beth Schultz and Phil Edholm; two people that are recognized as thought leaders in the space.

The reason I'm excited about participating is simple: There is so much momentum in the UC space right now and the evolution of UC technology is taking place at a tremendous pace. Amidst all this chaos however, the industry as a whole is not spending enough time talking about UC management. This session is a great opportunity to address that.

Companies approach VOSS at various stages of the UC journey, and each stage has different needs, but there is always a fundamental requirement: How to work smarter, be more efficient, and drive automation into these processes, wherever it makes sense.

The longer companies wait to implement UC management tools such as VOSS, the longer they wait to solve the problem. We know for a fact that by talking about UC management earlier in the lifecycle of UC, myriad problems can be avoided altogether, and more time and budget can be saved as a result. Shouldn’t that be the goal for all of these projects?

This panel session will put the UC management conversation front and center, and hopefully encourage enterprise organizations to consider UC management earlier in their UC lifecycle.

I've been at Enterprise Connect since Monday, and have had many discussions with customers and partners alike. The theme that is being reinforced throughout these discussions is that the market wants a best-of-breed UC solution. In many cases, this is a multi-vendor, hybrid solution that optimizes existing investments in UC, while consuming new collaboration services from the cloud.

Everyone loves to talk about vendor consolidation, but it just doesn’t always balance against business reality. Fortunately, in 2017, UC management technology from VOSS distances an organization from the complexity that is inherent in UC systems management and administration.

This all points to the growing importance of UC management, especially for larger enterprises and complex global deployments. Truly an exciting time at VOSS and in the UC space, as a whole.

Best of all, recent research from Nemertes shows that of the UC management vendors, VOSS continues to deliver more value to its customers than any other vendor. So, it's going to be an interesting discussion, and I hope to see you there!


Trends in Systems Management: How You (and Your Tools) Can Get Smarter will take place in Sun A, on Thursday, March 30, at 10:15am - 11:15am