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A Look Back at Cisco's Deployathon in Richardson


Adam Furman, PreSales Engineer, VOSS

This was my third Deployathon for VOSS, and it is always great to have the opportunity to network with so many HCS users who are as passionate about UC and UC management as I am .

Cisco certainly covered a lot of content during the first day; they began the session talking about the BroadSoft acquisition, and also covered Spark Flex licensing. Their HCS presentations were impressive, showing the market dominance on their cloud based hosted collaboration solution and highlighting that Q2 was the best ever Q2 for HCS! Cisco also spent time talking about future plans for WebEX, and introduced the concept of Video-first.

Roadmap discussions took place on day two, to explain Cisco’s direction for HCS and what changes are yet to come. We were given an insight into new cloud tools that are on the horizon to help with upgrades of clusters and license management.

Of course, VOSS was very interested in the Shared Architecture presentations, as we are deploying shared architecture environments for a number of HCS partners. It’s exciting for VOSS to be part of this evolution, as it enables a great business opportunity for HCS partners to penetrate the SME markets.

The big takeaway was a strong message around cloud cloud cloud; either Cisco cloud or service provider cloud. Cisco certainly has dynamic relationships with the many service providers in America that run HCS to offer their end customers cloud-based collaboration. We are proud of the role that we play in these installations:

  • Enabling these customers to differentiate their cloud offering from the competition
  • Introducing advanced automation to improve business processes and speed workflows
  • Offering adaptations to customize HCS to suit specific business requirements
  • Deploying shared architecture to open up new revenue streams

The deployathon also gave us the opportunity to showcase some of the new capabilities in VOSS-4-UC, such as our recently announced VOSS-4-UC Contact Center integration.

To find out more about how VOSS supports HCS partners, please get in touch. See you at the Deployathon in Paris!