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BroadSoft Management Simplified with VOSS-4-UC - Part 1

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Dan Payne, CTO, VOSS Solutions

With VOSS-4-UC, management of your BroadSoft deployment has become greatly simplified. Whether it is a BroadWorks or BroadCloud solution, VOSS-4-UC enables Service Providers around the world to easily introduce management to existing deployments or start completely fresh with a new BroadSoft platform.

Providers are relying on BroadSoft to create offerings that primarily cater to the SME market, but with the massive growth in the UCaaS market, we are seeing the target market expand to larger and more complex customers. The multi-tenant capability of these systems give Providers a great amount of flexibility when deciding how to structure and partition their customer base on the platform. Typical end customers range from residential users to larger companies with several thousand employees. In addition, many Providers utilize reseller channels for certain geographies or industry verticals. These factors contribute to a wide variety of approaches when partitioning the customer base on their BroadSoft platform.

On one BroadSoft system for example, the business hierarchy is set up as follows:

  • System / Service Provider - represents the actual Service Provider
  • Enterprise - represents a customer (allows sharing of facilities among groups)
  • Group - represents office locations or departments of those companies

On a different BroadSoft system the hierarchy is set up as follows:

  • System - represents the Service Provider
  • Service Provider - represents a reseller partner
  • Group - represents a customer

VOSS-4-UC provides a highly efficient and flexible mechanism for normalizing these different hierarchy groupings in a predictable and familiar way. This allows VOSS-4-UC to take over the management of any existing BroadSoft deployment, by syncing configuration and user data into logical hierarchy levels.

A "single pane of glass", irrespective of the complexity of the hierarchy groupings (multi-platform, multi-reseller, multi-customer, multi-geography, etc.) provides a much more simplified and logical way to access and manage your UCaaS customers.

The current alternative, using the BroadSoft internal GUI, is both cumbersome (i.e. requires multiple, non-intuitive steps) and highly inflexible for your Resellers to access and self-manage their own customers.

An additional benefit is for operations teams to be presented with a uniform and highly repeatable way of working and performing MACDs on a large deployment.

In Part 2 of this blog series I’ll explain how VOSS-4-UC simplifies and lowers the operating cost of user management and onboarding in BroadSoft deployments.

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