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Introducing Cloud-Based Training from VOSS

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Rob Moore, VP Global Services

In a blog post that I wrote in February, entitled The Dawn of Virtualized Training from VOSS, I introduced our plans for a new way to participate in VOSS training in 2018. I’m pleased to say that the hard work from our training team has paid off, and cloud-based training from VOSS is now a reality.

The first course on offer is VOSS-4-UC Admin; a 3-day cloud-based training class that is delivered over the course of a 5-day week (3 - 4 hours per day), making it more convenient for busy administrators to attend the sessions, with a reduced impact on their working week. And of course, attendees won’t need to invest the time or expense in travelling; training can take place in the workplace or at home. Hours of training are adjusted to the time-zone of the majority of students attending the course.

To celebrate this significant milestone in our training program, we are offering a 50% discount off all seat registrations for a limited time only.

The virtualized Administrator course will be conducted in a live trainer-led environment; groups of students will attend the sessions at a scheduled time, ensuring that the trainer who leads the course is always on-hand to explain new concepts, clarify any misunderstandings, and guide students through practical examples.

A major benefit of cloud-based learning from VOSS is that each student will have access to a personal cloud-based lab for up to 90 days post-training. Lab work can be saved and resumed later, and students can re-run labs and exercises as many times as required. 

Download the course description.

  • Course name: VOSS-4-UC Admin
  • Introductory cost: $999 per person (standard price is $1,999 per person)
  • Duration: 3-day course delivered over a 5-day week
  • Course dates:
    • April 23 - April 27
    • April 30 - May 4
    • June 4 - June 8
    • June 11 - June 15

To register, please email training@voss-solutions.com.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to the virtual classroom in the coming months!  

More cloud-based courses are in development and we hope to announce them in the near future. Of course, some organizations will always prefer classroom-based training, and we will continue to cater for these requirements on an ad hoc company-by-company basis.