VOSS Solutions

New Tech Talk Webinar - Migrating from CUCDMv8x to VOSS-4-UC


We're delighted to share our latest webinar, on how to transition from CUCDMv8x to VOSS-4-UC. 

In this presentation, Henry Barton, VP Operation Strategy at VOSS gives an overview of how to transition from CUCDMv8 to VOSS-4-UC. The webinar includes an Overbuild demonstration from Rob Hamlin, Director, Solutions Engineering at VOSS.

This is a must-attend event for any HCS partner planning their transitions from CUCDMv8x. We think it will also provide a valuable update for Service Providers part way through their transitions.

We'd like to remind all CUCDM customers to join our Webex Teams room to learn more about CUCDM to VOSS transitions. These are the three easy steps to follow:

  1. In Webex Teams, click on "contact a person"
  2. Then, add the email "voss@webex.bot"
  3. Finally, type "Join" in the text box, and you will be added to the VOSS HCS CUCDM Transition Room

To discuss your CUCDM transition in more detail, please email info@voss-solutions.com.