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The Dawn of Virtualized Training from VOSS

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Rob Moore, VP Global Services, VOSS Solutions

The VOSS training program has been successfully running around the world for nearly a decade. Thousands of VOSS and CUCDM administrators have benefited from these face-to-face classroom-based courses, increasing their understanding and optimizing their use of VOSS UC management technology.

We're delighted to share our plans with you for a new way to participate in VOSS training in 2018. In Quarter 2, we will unveil the option to attend VOSS training in a virtualized classroom. The traditional VOSS Administrator training is a 3-day classroom-based course. The virtualized Administrator course will be segmented into 6 half-days, making it more convenient for busy administrators to attend the sessions, with a reduced impact on their working week. And of course, attendees won’t need to invest the time or expense in travelling; training can take place in the workplace or at home.

The virtualized Administrator course will be conducted in a live trainer-led environment; groups of students will attend the sessions at a scheduled time, ensuring that the trainer who leads the course is always on-hand to explain new concepts, clarify any misunderstandings, and guide students through practical examples.

A major benefit of a virtual course is that each student will be given their own lab which will be continuously available throughout the training program and for a limited period after the course, enabling the student to visit the lab in their own time, to improve familiarization and gain valuable hands-on experience.

As we see it, there is an array of benefits to virtualized training:

  • Saves the cost of travel, and reduces time away from the office
  • Increases a student’s exposure to the VOSS management platform
  • Offers a much more flexible learning solution

This is our first step into virtualized learning. We aim to launch the VOSS Administrator virtualized course in May 2018. The VOSS Engineer course will follow. Our ultimate goal is to offer training on-demand.

Of course, some organizations will always prefer classroom-based training, and we will continue to cater for these requirements on an ad hoc company-by-company basis.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to the virtual classroom in the coming months! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: training@voss-solutions.com.