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VOSS Adaptations - Line Update Tool

Keith Bareham, Director Solutions Engineering, VOSS Solutions

VOSS-4-UC provides various methods of managing lines across devices, such as the subscriber management and phone management pages. This blog post explains a new adaptation that has been developed to supplement that capability by offering utilities to update or replace lines across multiple devices with the use of templates, and by making the changes across multiple devices in a single operation. This adaptation is particularly useful when a user has a large number of devices, which would otherwise require multiple steps.

Line Update Tool provides a GUI page that allows you to select a user to apply changes to. A listing of all devices and line use is provided, and a line from any device can be selected. Optionally, the line may be replaced by another line (i.e. change the directory number) and the change may be applied across all phones and extension mobility or may be limited to the selected device only.

If a line is removed from all devices, checks are performed to determine whether the line was used for SNR and/or voicemail and updates to the new line are made in required. If the old line is no longer used on any devices for any user, it is deleted from CUCM and the number inventory is marked as unused. If the new line exists on CUCM but it is unused, it is deleted and re-created in order to ensure that all parameters are set as per the chosen template. Used lines are unchanged to allow shared line creation.

With this adaptation in place, operations and customer administrators are able to more quickly and accurately apply line changes for a user. When customer administrators are provided with this feature, the need to open support tickets for this operation is removed.

To find out more about Line Update Tool, or to discuss any other VOSS-4-UC adaption, please click here.