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Coming HOME with VOSS

May 3, 2019

Van Hammond, Product Manager, VOSS Solutions

February 15, 2019 was a HUGE day for Cisco HCS Partners. Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (CUCDM) went End of Sale, and thus started the countdown clock to End of Support in February 2021.

For UCaaS providers using HCS, CUCDM is the operational heart of their UCaaS solution.

  • Onboarding new customers – Use CUCDM
  • Adding new subscribers – Use CUCDM
  • Controlling users service profiles – Use CUCDM
  • Changing subscriber features – Use CUCDM
  • Resolving service tickets – Use CUCDM

Until now, CUCDM has been the most important network element to manage sophisticated UCaaS networks.

So, why end of life the CUCDM – the glue that coordinates MACD operations and provides a single pane of glass to the entire network infrastructure? In a word: Flexibility.

As HCS Partners strive to differentiate themselves and deliver the solutions their end customers have demanded in a competitive and constantly changing landscape, they have constantly pressed Ciso to provide more agility and increasing automation extension.

VOSS, as the exclusive OEM provider to Cisco for CUCDM, responded by agreeing to meet the changing market demands with a new delivery approach that centered on providing an agile but robust core architecture. This includes an extensive set of out-of-the-box workflows that implement the known standard feature support together with an Automation Extension framework that allows Partners to adapt the workflows and otherwise extend automation to deliver customer-centric solutions to their end customers as they compete in an increasingly complex and evolving landscape. During 2015 a fully re-tooled, and re-architected CUCDM was launched.

Shortly after this, in recognition that HCS management stack needed to be uniquely assembled by HCS Partners to allow them to meet the market needs, Cisco announced that the HCS management layer would be unbundled so that Partners could deploy the agility they desired and the automation extension they specifically needed with the tools and vendors they chose to work with.

To support this exciting initiative, VOSS introduced the H.O.M.E program to help Cisco HCS Partners to transition from CUCDM to exploit the more agile and flexible VOSS-4-UC and implement the other solutions VOSS have created. At VOSS, our DNA is UC fulfillment and VOSS-4-UC excels in automation extension and dynamic communications workflow automation.

In recent years, the VOSS development team has been working at an impressive pace to make sure that VOSS-4-UC offers an HCS Partner everything they need to underpin a state of the art UCaaS platform.

  • Want to manage Cisco AND Microsoft UCaaS systems? Use VOSS-4-UC
  • Want to manage HCS and Broadsoft? Use VOSS-4-UC
  • Want automated and accurate billing solutions? Use VOSS-4-UC
  • Want to have advanced UC Analytics and a rich Assurance solution? Need VOSS-4-UC
  • Want to integrate with ServiceNow or other ticketing systems? Need VOSS-4-UC
  • Want flow-through / zero-touch provisioning? Need-VOSS-4-UC
  • Want capabilities no one else has thought of? Need VOSS-4-UC!

The best part about VOSS-4-UC is it offers a superset of the traditional CUCDM capabilities and functionality; it is a simple upgrade to replace an existing CUCDM using the same hardware, network configurations; and it does not require re-training of your operations staff. However, administrators will see many additional functionalities, but all their existing work patterns remain unchanged, allowing for the incremental capabilities to be rolled out as the Service Provide evolves.

To commercially transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC is simple.

  • Partners can preserve their CUCDM licenses purchases (Transfer one-to-one for VOSS-4-UC licenses)
  • 100% credit on any pre-paid CUCDM SWSS outstanding
  • Direct VOSS support 24/7/365

This week, it was great to see news that Axians has followed the VOSS H.O.M.E program. To date, 32 HCS Partners – which adds up to more than 2 million subscribers – have taken the decision to transition to VOSS-4-UC. We see the CUCDM End of Sale announcement as a tremendous opportunity for HCS Partners to evolve their networks and unlock the real power of HCS with VOSS-4-UC.

To find out more about the VOSS H.O.M.E program and how it can help your drive success with your HCS solution, please email [email protected] or visit https://www.voss-solutions.com/solutions/voss-for-cisco/.