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Customer Success: Teaming up with VOSS

Paul Kruger, Product Manager VOSS-4-UC, VOSS

We live in a time where some of the hottest topics are automation and artificial intelligence, where we increasingly hear the question: “When will human interaction not be THAT important anymore?”

This month, I had the privilege of spending time in-person with various VOSS customers across the UK and Europe. These meetings and interactions were invaluable as I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss, person-to-person, what is strategically important for our customers; what the overall business challenges are that they are trying to find cost effective solutions to, and then what their direction and roadmap is to achieve this. Our customers have also been open with what their business pipeline looks like.

During these meetings, it quickly became clear that no product on earth stays relevant. It will need constant evolution to suit the changing needs of a business. It will always need feedback, input and refinement. And, in a complex niche environment such as UC where the landscape is incredibly unpredictable, united customer-vendor collaboration and an agile development process is vital for success. And, if that collaboration is face-to-face, all the better!

It is refreshing to see that the extensive enhancements in VOSS-4-UC version 19.1.1 - that in most cases are co-developed with our users - are resonating well with our customers’ operational and design admins. During my meetings, many new integration capabilities were demonstrated, and even more pre-existing integration capabilities were explored. In a number of situations, our customers had preconceptions that they were facing challenges that required changes to VOSS-4-UC. But, after some discussion, it would become evident that a solution was available today, within the current product capabilities, proving once again that face-to-face communication and collaboration really can’t be beaten. Other challenges were brainstormed, fleshed out, and fine-tuned on the roadmap, which also led to collaborative, agile development discussions in which VOSS would not just develop a solution in isolation, but with a full lifespan feedback cycle, ensuring that delivery led to success.

Another major theme during my meetings was our customers’ sales and pre-sales teams’ interest in VOSS’ ability to help them demo their solution to prospective customers. For example, one of our customers needed help demonstrating their solution to a prospect that ran a Cisco-based estate with plans to acquire another company that ran a Microsoft-based estate. Until speaking to VOSS, our customer had not found a solution that offered a fully integrated Cisco/Microsoft solution. In a collaborative demo in which the customer’s solution was driven by the automation and integration capabilities of VOSS, we were able to show the power of the offering to the prospect, which led to a successful acquisition of this new account for our customer. The prospect was impressed with our customer’s unique solution coupled with the fully automated integration that VOSS-4-UC facilitates between Cisco and Microsoft estates. A major selling point was the overall multi-vendor operational ease-of-use that VOSS-4-UC provides.

In another example, one of our customers wanted to demonstrate how their ticketing solution based on ServiceNow - in conjunction with VOSS-4-UC-automated flow-through provisioning - would decrease an end user’s current operational turnaround time and cost. It was great for VOSS to have the opportunity to support our customers with these demos, and add value to their sales cycles.

However, my biggest take-away from the many customer meetings is the following: Having a software product that can automate and integrate with practically ANYTHING that has an API (and in most cases - even if it has no API at all!), is half the battle. But building a collaborative relationship between the customer and a VOSS team that wants you to be successful, and wants to understand your challenges and help you win more business, is ultimately what will drive customer success. In my book, , no AI (currently!) exists that can match the 15-year experience and deep industry knowledge that the team at VOSS Solutions offers.

To collaborate with the team at VOSS to help you win more business, please get in touch: info@voss-solutions.com.