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Domain Management for Cisco HCS? Here’s Why it Should be VOSS Automate All the Way

November 7, 2019

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS Solutions

Even though Cisco HCS is an open architecture – which means you can choose the UC management that best suits your needs – I’d like to draw your attention to some unique features and benefits that we offer at VOSS, that will hopefully persuade you that VOSS Automate is really the only UC domain management platform you should trust to manage Cisco HCS.

VOSS Automate provides the industry’s most capable and flexible UC management solution and is the only tool that meets HCS Providers’ unique requirements and addresses the individual challenges that your customers face.

When you move towards a direct relationship with VOSS, we will work in partnership with you to understand your business requirements better, and adapt your implementation to your needs which enables you to be more successful in the UCaaS space.

By partnering with VOSS and utilizing VOSS-4-UC as your management platform, you will unlock new features and benefits allowing you to maximize the value you derive from Cisco HCS and deliver into the market:

  • Evolve and innovate your solution offering to compete more effectively in the UCaaS market
  • Integrate your UC solutions into business processes to bring new value to your customers, and increase revenue streams
  • Harness advanced fulfillment capabilities and automate your solution to flexibly meet different customer needs
  • Reduce operational costs through expanded automation and the ability to model your specific tasks and operations
  • Access new functionality, such as multi-vendor UC management, Webex Teams Hybrid, Assurance, Analytics, and more
  • Automate business processes with intelligent flow-through provisioning to remove the risk of manual error

Why Choose VOSS as your Eco Partner?

VOSS provides an integrated management set of tools for migration, fulfillment, assurance and analytics. We have a proven track record and a deep knowledge of service providers and their business requirements. Our professional services team has gathered a wealth of experience with HCS deployments, dial plan designs, migrations, upgrades and transitions to VOSS-4-UC.

And, independent research shows that VOSS delivers more cost savings than competitive solutions.
For those of you who have Broadsoft platforms, we also offer a solution to manage BroadWorks and provide Broadsoft migration capabilities, from the same single pane of glass portal.

VOSS Features

There are many reasons to transition to VOSS Automate; it includes all existing functionality CUCDM currently offers, but with so much more. Below is just a sample list of the extensive capabilities that you will unlock, when you move from CUCDM to VOSS Automate. Added to this, you will also benefit from operating a highly agile and highly dynamic UC management platform that you can adapt to the specific needs of you and your customers:

  • Webex Teams hybrid management
  • Shared Architecture onboarding workflows
  • Analytics and Assurance modules
  • Cisco contact center support
  • Multi-vendor – e.g Microsoft, Avaya, BroadSoft
  • Flow-through provisioning
  • Generic driver – configurable API and GUI orchestration
  • Phone-based registration
  • Additional MACD use cases and workflows
  • ServiceNow integration
  • Northbound notification module
  • Billing integration options

Choose a Winning Formula

VOSS has guided many Cisco HCS partners, and as a result, these providers now have the specific tools and workflows in place to minimize the cost of managing their UC solutions while creating and maximizing revenue streams.

When you make the decision to move, you will not be alone in choosing VOSS Automate over CUCDM or competing UC management platforms. More than 2.8 million production end-user devices (EUDs) have already moved from CUCDM to be managed by VOSS Automate.

Contact us or your VOSS account manager for a more in-depth discussion to see how coming H.O.M.E to VOSS Automate from CUCDM can deliver key benefits to your collaboration business.