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Introducing VOSS-4-UC Premium Single Subscription Licenses

November 12, 2019

Van Hammond, Product Manager, VOSS Solutions

At VOSS, our mission is to simplify all aspects of UC management; to provide industry leading products and services; to work with our customers to enhance services and grow their revenue while reducing costs.

100% of our time is focused on the UC management industry domain. We feel it is our responsibility to highlight upcoming issues and fulfillment trends to our customer community so that they can make the best decisions on how to manage their network evolution.

As a VOSS Product Manager and H.O.M.E. program coordinator, it is my job to work with customers, listen to their issues and future UC management needs, then carry that feedback to the VOSS team so that we can incorporate these needs into our products and services.

The VOSS H.O.M.E. program has accelerated over the past year. We have transitioned the world’s largest UC providers, the majority of mid-market providers, and several aggressive new providers who are eager to attract new customers and subscribers.

Feedback from our customers that have transitioned from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC is that the industry suffers from a UC product licensing model that is far too complex and providers struggle to map their UC costs directly to their revenue. It is painful to see that some UC product suppliers are actually offering multi-day seminars just to explain the product licensing model. Service Providers want to sell expanded services to their customers; not to get a PhD in a pricing program that will change next year anyway.

When Service Providers sell an incremental service package to their customers, they need to know the impact it will have on their network costs. With the VOSS Direct H.O.M.E. program, we initially attempted to match other industry pricing models. But we found that “keeping up with the Jones'” was not the preferred path — we needed to provide our customers with a clear and simple licensing solution.

Whether your subscriber has:

  • one basic phone
  • or multiple premium phones
  • or voicemail
  • or use messaging
  • or advance meeting applications
  • or something else

You just need one VOSS-4-UC Premium Single Subscription License from VOSS. It’s that simple.

By consolidating our licensing options into a single, premium license model, we enable Partners to purchase VOSS-4-UC Premium Single Subscription Licenses and remove all service and device restrictions while simplifying internal business models. We have taken away the need for a Partner’s sales, product and deployment teams to map out customers device and services mix before finalizing their commercial models.

This model is available to all existing VOSS customers, as well as the Cisco HCS Partners who have not yet committed to VOSS as their future UC management provider.

For more information please reach out to your VOSS account representative or contact us directly.