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T Minus 19 Months and Counting ...

** END OF SUPPORT for CUCDM is February 2021 **

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Van Hammond, Product Manager, VOSS 

I know I am seriously dating myself - I remember well the months leading up to the year 2000 when it seemed that every network provider in the world was frantically rushing to become Y2K certified.

For the teams that started early, it required a project manager and a small group to chase down the status of each network element. A few hours per week - not a big deal.

For the companies that procrastinated, the final months before December 31 were a mad rush needing large dedicated teams to complete the work before what seemed to be Armageddon!

Lesson learned: "Don't put off planning until the last minute. It's expensive and adds unnecessary risk to your network."

End of Support for CUCDM is looming. It's only 19 months away, and just like Y2K it needs advanced planning, especially for Service Providers on CUCDM 8.X platforms as they will contracted Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with their end customers.

VOSS is in the process of converting (or has already converted) 32 HCS partners from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC though our H.O.M.E. program. These partners comprise close to 2M end users. HCS Partners that have implemented the VOSS H.O.M.E program have secured their UC management for the future by partnering with VOSS to access the world’s most advanced, feature rich product portfolio, supported by a dedicated global service's team that is assisting these partners in upgrading their platforms to VOSS-4-UC and transitioning their end users to this new platform with production proven MiGR-2-UC migration toolset.

Cisco HCS Partners that have made the move to VOSS-4-UC by following the VOSS H.O.M.E program receive all the existing functionality in CUCDM plus so much more, such as coordinated management for Webex Teams Hybrid, customized UC management to better align with operational processes and integrate with back office systems, and also UC management of Cisco, Broadsoft, and Microsoft UC. With VOSS-4-UC, HCS Partners also benefit from new modules, such as VOSS Integration, VOSS Assurance and VOSS Analytics for extended integration and billing capabilities, monitoring, troubleshooting, data mining, and access to contextual insight and improved reporting.

By moving to VOSS-4-UC and leveraging this wide range of additional capabilities, Cisco HCS partners achieve a far greater level of automation that drives down costs and also accelerates onboarding and time to revenue. These partners also benefit from direct support from a dedicated global services team, with the knowledge and best practices that comes from working with a wide range of customers and partners to use VOSS-4-UC to solve real business problems.

Partners that are putting off the decision to transition away from CUCDM and evolve their network to the next generation of UC management with VOSS, need to be concerned as time is running short. VOSS is the leading UC management platform and we can assist you in all aspects of the transition away from CUCDM. Forced product upgrades are never welcome, but with VOSS we can make the transition smooth and uneventful.

If you need assistance in moving from CUCDM 8.X (which requires planning a customer by customer migration to VOSS-4-UC), or if you have already migrated to CUCDM 10.X and simply need a patch upgrade to VOSS-4-UC, we are 100% available to help you plan your transition away from CUCDM we have now done this successfully numerous times and can answer questions you may have and make this transition smooth and efficient.


And finally, another great reason to act now and procrastinate no more, are the current incentives from both Cisco and VOSS to make the transition from CUCDM 8.x to VOSS-4-UC. Get in touch to start the conversation!


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