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VOSS Introduces Simplified Cisco Contact Center Express Management

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Dan Payne, CTO, VOSS

VOSS-4-UC 19.1.1 introduces management for Cisco’s Contact Center Express (UCCX) application. UCCX provides an advanced contact center solution for SMB organizations, supporting up to 400 agents and IVR ports. This extends VOSS-4-UC’s contact center management capabilities to cater for both UCCE (Enterprise) and UCCX.

This new integration allows an administrator to manage multiple UCCX servers from a single portal, i.e. VOSS-4-UC Automation Extension. This is especially useful given the limited number of agents supported per server as a larger enterprise would need to spread agents across a number of servers. Agents from all configured servers are searchable and manageable from one single view.

Other common contact center elements are exposed for management as well: 

  • Teams
  • Resource groups
  • Skills
  • Contact service queues

As a result, all the out of the box VOSS-4-UC capabilities such as bulk management, billing integration, role based access, and flow through provisioning from AD or ServiceNow (to name just a few) are available for these configuration elements.

The VOSS-4-UC Contact Center Express management dashboard (shown below) provides quick access to all these features as well as deployment numbers and agent activity stats.

In addition to being able to directly configure these common elements, automatic agent provisioning has been built into existing UC management features. In other words, it is now possible to onboard a new agent AND provide them with UC services in a single operation (MACD). This also takes care of the necessary application user association in Cisco UCM to enable the agent’s device to be controlled for call recording or other purposes.

Lastly, VOSS-4-UC provides tools which allow agents to be re-skilled in bulk. An administrator can choose to re-skill agents by selecting one or more agents, or re-skilling an entire team or resource group at a time.

To find out more about VOSS-4-UC and Cisco Contact Center Express Management, please email info@voss-solutions.com.