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VOSS-4-UC v19.1.1 – Thoughts from the Product Manager

April 26, 2019

Paul Kruger, Product Manager VOSS-4-UC, VOSS Solutions

You will have seen yesterday’s announcement that VOSS-4-UC 19.1.1 has hit the world! This is an exciting release filled with gizmos, gadgets and goodies that will entice any administrator tasked with managing users, devices and services across the UC spectrum. For VOSS, this is our first major release of 2019, and comes only 4 months after the 18.1.3 release, launched in December 2018.

Administrators now can revel in the fact that the world’s leading UC management software that specializes in automation extension and dynamic communications workflow automation now supports full management of Unity Connection Call Handlers and Schedules.

VOSS-4-UC, automates the provisioning of the entire Auto Attendant configuration on both the CUCM and CUC side, ensuring that all call routing elements are in place. Full Caller Input and Greeting Management are supported, including the ability to upload pre-recorded .wav files, or dialing out to the user’s phone to custom record greetings on the fly.

Contact Center Management is also included in the VOSS-4-UC arsenal of out-of-the- box automation capabilities. 19.1.1 introduces UCCX support that allows admins to manage agents, teams and all their relevant components with various usability tools to ensure mundane tasks are completed quickly and accurately.

Our latest release now also supports the 12.5 versions of CUCM, CUC and HCM-F. One example of the new features of CUCM 12.5, is Phone Activation Code provisioning. This functionality to efficiently deploy phones is supported in VOSS-4-UC and augments our PBR capabilities, providing a similar mechanism but for all phone types. It is integrated in the subscriber management features, as well as the Self Service management interface.

Possibly the biggest highlight of the 19.1.1 release is the amount of new functionality that makes the life of the operational admin much simpler. For an admin, the ability to easily search and filter to pin-point the target object that you are trying to manage is critical. VOSS-4-UC now has a specific utility that requires only a directory number as input, to find and access all its associated devices, users and services. It is now also possible to search and filter phones based on their IP address or registration status. And, you can search and filter based on the hierarchy of objects in a list view, while the columns are resizable and lists can be configured to return up to 2,000 records at a time.

Last but not least, as part of 19.1.1, an enhanced Business Admin Portal (BAP) has also been unveiled. This evolution of the original portal provides UC management capabilities to devolved administrators, NOC/helpdesk engineers, and basically ANYONE that just wants a clean, easy and intuitive interface to manage their MACDs. BAP provides a dashboard with useful statistics on count, usage and growth, as well as links to common tasks, and “saved searches”. All subscriber services and devices have their own landing pages, with an intuitive layout for stats, lists and links to useful MACD tasks. Built-in role-based management to control access rights, default settings, configurable drop-down options, field display profiles, as well as various management profiles, make the BAP portal the dream-choice for operational admins.

Let’s not forget the rich features already baked into VOSS-4-UC, such as coordinated management for Webex Teams, customized UC management to better align with operational processes and integrate with back office systems, and multi-vendor management of Cisco, Broadsoft, and Microsoft UC. With VOSS-4-UC, customers can benefit from our assurance and analytics capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting, data mining, and access to contextual insight and improved reporting.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on VOSS-4-UC 19.1.1 and experiencing the new era of management, please get in touch: [email protected].