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When Considering a Mass UC Migration, Think VOSS M2UC

August 20, 2019

Tom Turrington, Migration Team Lead, VOSS Solutions

Excitingly, it is incredibly busy at VOSS. Sometimes however, it is good to take a step back and have a self-congratulatory look at what we have achieved and some of the recent migration success stories – after all that is why we work so hard!

We have performed migrations using our inhouse tool – M2UC – across many industries from retailers, through to banks and government organisations. We’ve migrated from legacy PBXs, changed dial plans, and moved devices from one platform to another – all the while accelerating the time to revenue, saving our customers money and minimising the impact on their business by accurately mapping users and the features they are using to the new technologies.

NX in action

In just the last few major projects we have discovered, extracted, transformed, validated and provisioned millions of devices and users.

Whilst we continue to work on large projects around the globe, highlights of some recent successes include:

  • A central UK government agency with approximately 100,000 phones and 2,500 analogue gateways all on three legacy Genband CS2K systems utilised across 850 sites. This was successfully transformed and moved onto Cisco Call Managers in 8 months (37 weekly batches) using M2UC.
  • A Middle Eastern telecoms provider needed a migration from Cisco HUCS to HCS. 1011 customers and 19565 phones across 55 UC clusters were processed in 7 weeks using M2UC.
  • A very large UK bank with ~2,400 sites hosting 70,000 phones and ~120,000 EM profiles (1 TDM PBX per site moving to 7 clusters of Cisco Call Managers). Total project length was 8 months with the data migrated in 15 batches. M2UC was used.
  • A telecoms provider in Asia Pacific began with a migration involving 4,000 phones on three clusters spread across 15 sites in 6 countries. All work was completed in 4 weeks from planning to switchover, with the actual switchover taking place within one day. This led to a migration of another customer consisting of 23,000 phones located in 30 sites across 12 countries and following that a large migration of 4,000 sites and 220,000 phones. All devices are merged into a single VOSS-4-UC management platform and M2UC was used for all of the above.

Current projects are moving at a similar pace, some examples include:

  • A US-based retail chain with over 4,000 stores (one Cisco Call Manager Express server per store) and ~360 users per store all moving to 36 Call Manager clusters using…you guessed it – M2UC! The customer has been in control of M2UC from the start, making confident progress and is now looking to ramp up speed to migrating 100 stores per week.
  • Merging of three UK government agencies totalling 20K devices from three Call Managers into one megacluster. Various complexities include resolving number clashes and modified dial-plans. We are currently on-track to have the migration comfortably completed within the planned two months.
  • Helping our customers transition from various legacy PBXs onto new hardware so rapidly whilst reducing errors would not have been possible without M2UC. Challenges faced during a migration are many and varied but with VOSS’ experience and the adaptability of M2UCwe consistently have a 100% success rate at completing the planned projects and extremely high post migration quality rates.

With the reduced potential for human error and increased productivity of the migration team that M2UC brings, comes the ability to accelerate the rate of migration, which reduces time to revenue. Using M2UC we have seen time savings of 66% over the full course of a migration compared to using a manual method such as bulk loaders.

Time to revenue

Whatever the scenario, M2UC’s ability to accurately handle large, complex cutovers has proven itself time and again. So, if you’re thinking of carrying out a UC migration, talk to VOSS. We can help.

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