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An Insight into VOSS Phone Server – Launched this Week

July 1, 2020

Tim Jalland, Solution Owner (Microsoft Teams), VOSS Solutions

The last four months have seen unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change in the economic environment. Organizations have had to reconfigure and work from home. Telephony and UC solutions are at the heart of this, but how to continue in this environment with some level of BAU, improvement work, migration activities and running existing services whilst not introducing undue risk or cost?

At VOSS we have been regularly asked about tools, services and ideas we can provide to assist with this process. One of the outcomes is the newly announced VOSS Phone Server, which can be used alongside Cisco HCS, Cisco CUCM/Enterprise, Avaya Aura, or Microsoft Teams – in either on-premise, managed service, or cloud delivered solutions.

VOSS Phone Server offers complementary phone registration and telephony capabilities, offloads the main telephony solution (including licenses), and provides a level of agility to the overall solution. It is designed for:

  • Extending the lifetime of existing devices that may become unsupported as the main telephony platform is upgraded to the latest manufacturer software – perhaps to take advantage of a new capability or to mitigate a security concern.
  • Assisting with a planned migration to a new telephony solution. Existing devices can be transferred to the new solution and connected to it via the Phone Server. The existing phones, with numbers, can continue to be used during the migration process with a minimum amount of disruption.
  • Taking advantage of the wide range of new multi-vendor phones, devices and soft clients that have become available – at lower acquisition and license costs, and with new feature options (such as ‘green’ standby options) – to provide scalable, standard telephony at places such as lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms, branch offices and even home working locations.

VOSS Phone Server can be fully administered from VOSS-4-UC, and easy to use workflow wizards are provided to make the moving of phones between the main telephony solution and the phone server quick and error free. Phones can be moved either way!

Here is a high-level diagram here to show you how this all fits together – contact VOSS for more detail.