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Announcing Avaya End-user Self Service Portal

March 18, 2020

Dan Payne, CTO, VOSS Solutions

I’m quite excited to officially announce the release of VOSS-4-UC’s brand new end-user self service portal for Avaya. In February this year, we launched our VOSS for Avaya solution and took the opportunity to showcase our capabilities at the Avaya Engage conference in Phoenix. We were extremely pleased with the interest and positive reactions we got from folks visiting our booth. Clearly, there is a need in the market for simplified administration and management of the diverse set of Avaya services and applications. Our VOSS for Avaya solution is certainly addressing this need.

One thing that was a common request for us, however, was to provide end-users with a portal to take control of their Avaya UC life. We went back to the drawing board and designed a portal that is so simple to use, that users require zero training and actually enjoy using. Plus, we’re solving some real problems here. Whether you’re an Avaya hosted service provider, managed service provider, or an enterprise, this new portal:

  • Provides end-users with the autonomy to make their own changes (MACDs) safely
  • Removes customer/user frustration and reduces the turnaround time for basic change requests like voice mailbox pin resets
  • Saves costs for the service provider or IT team manager by shifting the easy work off to the end-user
  • Brings a competitive edge to the service provider bidding for new customer deals

The self-service portal doesn’t try to overcomplicate things; instead, it brings a fresh, intuitive interface any user can understand. After logging in, the user is presented with a simple dashboard with a set of actions. These actions are controlled by the administrator through flexible role-based-access-control profiles. The user also only sees actions that are relevant to them, for example, they will only see an option to reset their voice mailbox pin if they actually have voicemail configured.

The full set of actions currently supported are:

  • Update personal info
  • Enable/disable extension to cellular (EC500)
  • Reset phone login
  • Update phone security code
  • Update phone speed dIals
  • Release/busyout endpoint
  • Reset conferencing password and moderator pin
  • Update conferencing settings
  • Reset voice mailbox pin and web portal password
  • Update voice mailbox settings
  • Reset contact center agent pin

The user can view details of their profile and provisioned Avaya UC services. This is a read-only view of their account details and service configuration settings. The portal also supports LDAP and SSO authentication, making life even easier for users as they don’t have to worry about remembering yet another set of credentials.

Administrators can choose to configure custom links to additional resources or portals right from within the Self Service portal.

Finally, the portal can be fully themed and can be customized to match your organization’s branding colors and logo.

If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.