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Check Out Our Exciting New VOSS Phone Server Demo

October 19, 2020

Tim Jalland, Solution Owner (Microsoft Teams), VOSS Solutions

We’ve been overwhelmed with the interest from our existing customer base and from new prospects in VOSS Phone Server, launched in June this year.

VOSS Phone Server extends the lifetime of existing assets and reduces operating costs in large scale distributed telephony networks. Here are some examples of how value is created with VOSS Phone Server:

  • Provides scalable, standard telephony at lower purchase and ongoing license costs at places such as lobbies, reception areas, meeting rooms and branch offices – where you reliably need to connect in telephony points cost effectively and with no fuss
  • Assists in the migration from on premise systems to new cloud based telephony solutions, allowing existing devices to moved quickly and simply into the new solution with minimum disruption – allowing the old system to be decommissioned
  • Offers the option of connecting non native (SIP) phones and analog devices (ATA adapter) into solutions such as Microsoft Teams (which are designed to primarily cater for mobile and PC soft clients) – providing access to a wide range of interesting and innovative third party devices and end points
  • Extends the lifetime of existing devices that become unsupported as the main telephony platform is upgraded to the latest software – these again can be moved to the Phone Server to keep connectivity with the main telephony solution
  • Concentrates dispersed devices – home workers can simply and cost-effectively connect into the main Cisco or Avaya solution without the need for complex data centre ‘edge’ software – these devices can easily ‘VPN in’ to get dial tone and become functional!

For me, the most exciting thing about VOSS Phone Server is that it makes it really simple to build voice applications on it and around it. In this way, Phone Server interconnects multiple disparate systems and hosting applications (such as call recording and IVRs), giving you a seamlessly integrated platform that can be administered from a single point of control. Phone Server saves you time, saves you money, and extends the lifetime of your existing assets. What’s not to love?

If you want to see VOSS Phone Server in action, you can check out the demo, here.

More information about VOSS Phone Server is here. Please contact us to discuss it further.