VOSS Solutions

Climbing and Conquering the Mountain of UC Data

Derek Smith, Product Manager, VOSS Solutions

Your unified communications (UC) solution contains - and continuously produces - a mountain of valuable data that is impossible to effectively access and decipher. Within these data are insights that could dramatically improve your technical and business decision making. These insights could help you improve service delivery, may allow you to save money on your operational costs and prevent outages that impact your business. Whether you are a provider of UC services or an enterprise consuming UC services on premises or in the cloud, accessing and interpreting data is critical.


When speaking with customers and prospects about their UC performance monitoring and reporting needs, the key common thread is visibility and access to real time data. There is a universal need to make sure the right people can see and understand how the UC solution is performing in an easy to interpret, easy to share format. It seems that everyone wants:

  • Visibility to see through all “priority” events and decipher the true priority
  • Visibility into where issues are occurring and who is being impacted (and, of course, guidance to quickly resolve those issues)
  • Visibility into UC service adoption and usage (are physical phones & services being used? Are we achieving the productivity benefits we expected from our UC investment?)

Better yet, organizations would like to know what leads to service failures, and proactively identify those items before end user productivity is impacted. VOSS Assurance & Analytics provides a comprehensive view into your overall UC operational performance and data. It is a single view to monitor call quality, network health, application usage, and performance. With it you can identify faults and automate corrective actions or view vendor recommended actions. It gives a single view into details about your users, devices, services, licenses, transactions and more.

VOSS provides visibility through a multi-tenant portal interface to visualize and interact with the data from viewing dashboards, drilling down into the data, or performing ad hoc search and analysis. The out-of-the-box capability provides immediate value and the highly configurable nature of the interface allows for modification or creation of dashboards and reports to meet your needs. The full multi-tenancy ability and extensive RBAC controls means this isn’t just an advanced tool for the operations team – users in different departments and even provider’s end customers can be given access to data meaningful to them.

Focus on Service Impact

Not all issues are created equal. Manufacturers provide guidance on event priority, however a “critical” event that does not affect end user services may not be the highest priority item the operations team should focus on. VOSS Assurance & Analytics includes multi-threaded correlation to produce rich event monitoring to quickly and accurately pinpoint these service impacting issues like application failures, host failures, and call failures (or unacceptable quality levels). This is paired with the powerful ability to define automated correction allowing the system to trigger actions to resolve conditions that may arise. You can also tune your alert priorities to reduce noise and keep focused on the most important items.

Combine and Correlate Data

VOSS Assurance & Analytics is built on a log analytics engine that provides analysis of structured and unstructured data with an extensive set of out of the box policies along with configuration rules and thresholds. This provides the deepest access to data from across the solution which is paired with an advanced processing and correlation engine. This powerful ability to collect and correlate data provides far deeper insight into the overall solution than many other UC assurance solutions.

Unique to VOSS Assurance & Analytics is our ability to sync VOSS-4-UC provisioning data which adds business context to the technical data from your UC solution. Identify individuals, conference rooms, devices or locations experiencing issues. You will not only be aware of issues, but who it is affecting and where they are. This improves visibility and ensures quality service delivery.

Contact us today to discuss how VOSS can help you climb and conquer the mountain of data from your UC solution.