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Manage Your Headsets with VOSS

December 11, 2020

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS Solutions

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate headset management into your UC without having to acquire yet another domain specific solution? I’m pleased to say that the latest release of VOSS-4-UC and VOSS Assurance both include headset management as part of our standard product.

First let’s take a look at VOSS-4-UC

With version 19.3.4, VOSS-4-UC will extend its single pane of glass view of devices and subscribers to also include connected headsets. This feature will enable you to manage your headset inventory, enrich subscriber and phone views with connected headset data and actions, administer the templates which control any default settings and firmware, and collect PRT logs from phones for troubleshooting.

The incorporation of the headset data into VOSS-4-UC means it is available alongside our other service and business data for access via our various interfaces. This ensures it can be incorporated into a range of business processes such as:

  • Integration into billing and expense management systems providing the associated business context to allow you to charge the correct customer or departments
  • Provide insight into inventory for asset tracking and usage to ensure accurate tracking and effective use of assets
  • Incorporate into user onboarding process to ease onboarding and increase adoption and usage of services

Now let’s look at VOSS Assurance and Analytics

In terms of VOSS Assurance, we are further enabling our call quality dashboards and reporting to include the additional headset metric data provided. This extends the ability to view and troubleshoot call quality to include detailed info from the headset itself. The range of metrics supplied helps provide insight about the nature of potential headset issues to guide resolution and improve user experience – from headset replacement vs environmental or user setup issues.

VOSS Assurance also addresses compliance checking, to ensure headsets and their firmware versions are up to date and fully upgraded.

Finally, VOSS Assurance offers usage tracking to help you understand where headsets are connected, how they are being used, for which type of calls, whether remote or office-based. This helps optimize the deployment of assets and ensures they are being effectively utilized to drive the best user experience.


With a huge spike in remote working, and with more and more critical business meetings taking place on web-based conferencing platforms, headset quality is suddenly front and center. It can really make or break a successful meeting. By extending our portfolio to include headset management, VOSS enables organizations to more effectively manage and deploy these assets by providing a handle on their headset inventory and ensuring call quality which helps drive the best end user experience.

To learn more about headset management from VOSS, please get in touch.