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Migrating to a Managed Avaya Aura Solution? Think VOSS

Tom Turrington, Migration Team Lead, VOSS

Here at VOSS we developed our UC management platform, VOSS-4-UC, to handle the many complexities of Unified Communications (UC), and to provide a “single pane of glass” to the many systems and services that are involved.

The latest development has been to extend our support of Avaya Aura’s suite of communication products, and provide a straightforward interface to administer them seamlessly. In parallel, we have added the capability to our powerful migration tool - M2UC - to migrate to Avaya Aura.

In this development we have stayed with our tried and tested DETVL (Discover, Extract, Transform, Validate & Load) methodology and offer the same robust repeatable actions as when migrating to any other supported system.

The same powerful mapping engine can be used to import virtually any data and assign data to the desired target system - in this case Avaya Aura - so anyone with experience of using M2UC will immediately be able to utilise the latest capabilities.

As with other migration targets we have the same streamlined processes available to utilise templates for ease and speed of migration and consistency with minimal complexity. Alternatively, if your primary concern is to capture every last detail from a legacy system and map, as far as possible, to a new Avaya platform, we support setting and updating all fields directly on everything from subscribers to stations, using rules to make mass-changes consistently with no risk of human error.

Cost savings can potentially be realised, as rather than preparing data in different formats and using different interfaces to provision the various Avaya communication systems - including System Manager, Communication Manager, EC500 etc. - M2UC provides a single interface from which to import, transform and provision data.

Avaya Aura is the latest in a long line of many varied communication systems that VOSS has developed a deep understanding of, and this has provided us with the knowledge and experience required to perform successful migrations between them.

If you are thinking of moving to Avaya Aura but have been put off by either the various systems involved or have concerns on how to migrate your data from a legacy system to Avaya Aura, why not see if VOSS can help?