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UC Migrations: Save Time and Reduce Capacity for Errors with Automation Workflows

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Tom Turrington, Migration Team Lead, VOSS

Anyone that has been involved in UC migrations knows that it is naturally complex - from discovery to provisioning. Here at VOSS we have, over the years, built our migration toolset (M2UC) and developed a robust strategy to deal with every migration. Based on the data warehouse concept of ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) we have extended the UC migration process to become DETVL (Discover Extract, Transform, Validate & Load).

However, whilst we can normalise a migration, the complexities inherent in each stage remain. M2UC brings massive amounts of power and capabilities to migrations and we are always looking at ways to streamline the process. This is a difficult balance between not limiting the available operations while reducing the number of actions required and automating tasks as much as possible.

To this end, we have developed the concept of Workflows.

Workflows neither remove nor limit any of the power of M2UC but allow the automation of tasks. Operations can be chained together to create powerful sequences of events and actions can even be set to run in parallel.

In addition to the ability to run all major operations via the Workflow GUI, at any time it is possible to do a “deeper dive” into the data, adjusting Rules and information as required. As soon as new Sources/Targets/Data-sets/Batches/Rules are developed they become available for use in the Workflows.

All of this is achieved through an intuitive GUI, with the ability to drag and drop actions into placeholders. Workflows can be named, saved and re-run as often as required and can consist of a few operations (eg provisioning users, phones and lines and associating them together in a set order) to completing an entire migration.

All actions undertaken via Workflows are logged in the usual way, with the initiating operator and the result of each action recorded. Workflows are linked to Projects and are backed up as part of the Project backup functionality.

Look out for a video demonstrating this new functionality shortly - an entire migration from one click! For further information please contact us