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VOSS-4-UC: Responding to COVID-19

April 2, 2020

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS Solutions

Crazy times in the world. First, we hope this blog post finds you safe and healthy.

The current global pandemic has led to an evolution in how enterprises are delivering goods and services, and more importantly, how they are engaging with end customers. Some examples include:

  • Restaurants reacting to closures by quickly offering full take-out/delivery services
  • Rapid staff growth in the retail space to support increased demand and online sales/delivery
  • Businesses moving to an online model for sales and even service delivery (via video)
  • Huge increase in online engagement with customers, to support much higher levels of remote interaction through distributed contact centers

This places an unprecedented strain on service providers and enterprises’ IT organizations, to rapidly evolve to meet the quickly changing business needs.

It has also resulted in a large remote working population who require quick deployment of services to support their new working model. While many enterprises have some degree of remote working architected into their UC solution already, this has led to a need to rapidly scale this capability for the wider workforce. Many enterprises and their service providers are scrambling to deploy and evolve services to meet this new need in a very short period of time. It also leads to a stronger need for visibility on how the services are performing and being used, to ensure they are meeting employee needs and scaling appropriately.

This can mean quickly deploying soft clients in place of a user’s desk phone, remote video device, and conferencing and collaboration services that ensure business continuity for users who are now required to work remotely.

One special case we’ve seen is in the healthcare sector, which includes:

  • The need to support remote working and video service delivery to maintain care and delivery of non-emergency services
  • The rapid deployment of new service centers, from temporary and remote testing facilities to whole new hospital centers being created to support the healthcare needs of this pandemic

The good news is that the VOSS suite of products greatly improves the ability for these organizations to rapidly respond to this type of business needs. At VOSS, we’re seeing many cases where our partners and customers are leveraging our ability to rapidly create services, replicate in-office services to remote setups, deploy whole new services, and monitor the performance of these services. VOSS gives our customers the agility and speed to meet these ever-changing circumstances faster than ever before while greatly reducing the workload. This frees critical technical resources to focus on other key aspects of delivering the service while also providing the valuable insights and metrics to help them ensure it is meeting the business needs.

While VOSS has moved to a fully remote working setup to comply with the various geographies, we are still fully operational, providing the same great engagement and support that our customers are used to. Now, more than ever, if there are challenges that you are facing in meeting business demands that we can help with, please get in touch via our support team or your local account team. We’re ready to help you quickly respond to the changing circumstances by:

  • Fully leveraging the capabilities of your VOSS-4-UC automation – bulk changes, rapidly deploying new services, contact center management for the rapid deployment and management of new contact center setups. This could even include resources to help expand your team and drive the VOSS system to help you execute in the short term.
  • Quickly creating new tools and features to automate use cases you are performing in bulk to speed up delivery. If you are facing tasks that will be taking days or weeks to complete, then challenge us to help you automate these and complete them far quicker. It’s a great way to see how rapidly and easily VOSS-4-UC can be quickly adapted to specific business needs.
  • Monitoring and reporting on UC quality, performance, capacity, and network traffic impacts of increased remote workers and the rapid deployment of new services for users. With VOSS Insights and Netflow Analytics, we can help you quickly gain proactive, in-depth insight into the performance and use of your UC solution and your changing network traffic patterns. Identify the source of UC issues, network bottlenecks and misuse.
  • Our migration capability, VOSS Migrate, enables you to rapidly migrate users from older technology and redeploy on services that support remote working.

No matter what your challenge, we value our customers and we are here to support you. Get in touch to see how we can help at this difficult time.