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VOSS for Avaya - Achieving True Multi-Vendor UC

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Dan Payne, CTO, VOSS Solutions

Wednesday February 5, 2020

I’m writing this post from Phoenix, at my first Avaya ENGAGE conference. It’s been an extremely busy week, with many breakout sessions, keynotes and of course exhibiting our exciting new solution on the show floor

We formally launched our latest VOSS for Avaya solution this week, on the opening day of the show. It’s very straightforward: We are now offering simple and efficient management and assurance of integrated Avaya and Microsoft collaboration solutions. But let me not cover old ground, you can find out more, here:

What I will say is that I’m excited about the VOSS for Avaya solution, as there is clearly a huge appetite for managing Avaya UC environments. Talking with the visitors at our booth, it’s clear that everyone is looking for a way to simplify their operations. Some of the key problems folks are dealing with are:

  • Keeping up to date with the latest Avaya innovations and features
  • Centralizing management (bringing consistency) of the ever-growing and changing platforms
  • Keeping up with day to day requests for user MACDs.

Whether your organization operates an Avaya-only solution, or whether you are creating a best-of-breed solution that includes Avaya plus other vendors such as Microsoft Teams, I am confident that VOSS will manage your UC platform far more effectively than you do now.

VOSS-4-UC provides a coherent single-pane view of all UC applications, services, endpoints, and most importantly, the users. It provides administrators and end-users alike, with an intuitive interface to get the jobs done that are most important to them, cutting out the noise and complexity that comes with UC management. The UC complexity is dealt with in the background by a combination of flexible workflows and templates to push configuration according to your specific best practices and conventions.

In addition to the single-pane user and service management, our integrated Avaya and Microsoft solution takes advantage of Microsoft’s Direct Routing technology to connect the two. This combines the excellent collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams with the mature and feature-rich Avaya UC and CC solutions, allowing customers to enjoy the best experience possible

Although we only officially launched this week, we have been working hard over the last couple of months, to bring this solution into reality for one of our North American partners. They are officially in production with some pilot customers and are planning to onboard many more over the next couple of months!

So, if you’re at Avaya ENGAGE, stop by at booth 742 to find out more. You may also be interested in taking advantage of a special exploratory workshop that we are offering to show visitors.

If you aren’t at the event but are keen to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.