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VOSS for Retail – A UC Transformation Story

July 19, 2020

Derek Lipscombe, Sales Director, VOSS Solutions

It is widely recognized that the worldwide work-from-home trend has dramatically accelerated both the adoption and penetration of collaboration tools, as organizations across all industries respond to supporting remote workers with video and other online team collaboration tools.

A broad range of advanced collaboration tools are being adopted, sometimes too quickly, in that the deployments are tactical, largely unmanaged, and almost always not well integrated with the existing business communications platforms. As a consequence, VOSS has experienced a significant spike in interest from enterprise organizations who approach us with the goal of applying our UC management automation technology to help manage, integrate and simplify the administration of their evolving and complex communications platforms.

Another unexpected implication of the stay-at-home regulations has been the incredible pressure the retail industry has faced, grappling with the unprecedented levels of online orders pouring in from consumers “shopping from home”.

This has resulted in increased demand for VOSS UC management from the retail sector. And it’s clear that our solution is already bringing a wealth of benefits to retail customers across the world.

So, what can VOSS’ UC management and automation tools really do for the retail industry? And, how can VOSS help retailers with their digital transformation?

Today, we take a look at the pressure that retailers are under to perform in a highly competitive, high volume, low margin business. The need to be nimble and to respond to change fast becomes the secret to a retailer’s success. And, digitization and ever-increasing levels of integrated automation change the game.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this pressure. Every retailer has had to rethink their business model, to support radical changes to customer buying habits and to the employee workplace, and then implement changes to their UC infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Deploying these changes in such challenging time constraints would be impossible without automation.

Automation is the key.

In fact, if you read our use cases, a desire to harness VOSS automation to introduce flexibility is at the heart of every customer story.

Here are just some of the challenges we hear:

  • The need to be able to migrate to more modern technologies, such as video and team collaboration tools
  • The need to integrate new UC capabilities with existing technologies to sweat those assets where appropriate
  • The need to centralize and rationalize UC platforms and deliver a consistent and reliable solution to the evolving store locations and needs – having a centralized platform where the UC capabilities are centrally deployed and then devolving the required services to the distributed stores and depots massively increases productivity
  • The need to be able to deploy the new capabilities, such as store management tools, quickly and efficiently
  • The need to quickly and seamlessly integrate new UC solutions with existing business processes to ensure the greatest business benefit from the automation
  • As the dependency on UC increases, this creates the need to step up the level of monitoring, management and analytical reporting of the UC platforms

The fact that VOSS addresses all of these challenges – and so many more – is driving our growth in the retail space.

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