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Infographic – The Need for Digital Workplace Management

August 2, 2021

VOSS Staff

The trend towards supporting a highly agile hybrid workforce has sparked an increase in multi-vendor collaboration tools. As a result, the need for multi-functional management becomes increasingly important.

This infographic from Metrigy gives a clear overview of the trends our customers are facing in the marketplace, the growing need for collaboration management, and why, time and time again, VOSS is the vendor of choice:

The Growing Need for Collaboration Management

Working from home drives the need for multi-functional management tools

Transformative changes in the digital workplace have increased the demand for management tools to improve application performance. They prefer to get these tools from a single, independent, third-party provider.

  • 73% are using more tools and gaining visibility into their apps since moving to a working from home model
  • 62% prefer management tools to come from an objective third party, vs the UC provider
  • 64% say it’s extremely valuable to have a single tool that manages multiple providers

How are companies using management tools?

  • 50.6% remote worker provisioning
  • 42% network performance
  • 41.4% remote worker app utilization
  • 39.1% self-service
  • 38.5% configuration management
  • 38.5% endpoint performance
  • 36.2% policy management
  • 35.6% assessing customer satisfaction
  • 29.3% asset/license management
  • 6.3% no changes

Success Abounds

Reduction in provisioning time when companies use administration management tools: 31%

Vendor Performance

In Metrigy’s research, companies measure their UC success with cost savings, revenue increase. and productivity gains.

VOSS has the most customers in the research success group.

To discuss your digital business transformation, and to find out how VOSS can help you manage your digital workplace, please get in touch.