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Operating and Running a Microsoft Teams Service with Enterprise Voice – Key Feedback from our Experience in the Field

September 10, 2021

Tim Jalland, Microsoft Solution Owner, VOSS Solutions

The Importance of the Digital Workplace

Over the last 18 months, many organizations have been carried along without much planning, striving to deliver a digital workplace that is agile, mobile, and fully connected – at any time and from anywhere: Hybrid working as it is now called.

Microsoft Teams has become the underlying foundation for this, establishing itself as part of the digital IT ecosystem, and organizations have become highly dependent on it. However, this rapid adoption has by-passed normal planning processes. The business challenge now is to manage, control, and ensure that your UC service continues to deliver the benefits it has promised.

Here at VOSS, we provide end-to-end management of Microsoft Teams, UC and collaboration solutions, and enterprise voice, allowing organizations to take control of their UC estate.

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