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People Centricity: Putting Your Staff at the Heart of Your Business

December 14, 2021

Kelly Mark, Area Vice President, North America Sales, VOSS

As we grow accustomed to this post-pandemic world, it is more critical than ever before to put people at the heart of the business. For enterprise companies this is about employee satisfaction; creating a positive work environment and a productive company culture.

The workforce has adopted a remote or hybrid model and teams are geographically dispersed, so how do you manage this “new normal”?

Ensuring productivity 

No matter where your workforce is based, if they aren’t productive, your company will fail. So, how do you know if your workforce is performing optimally? Your digital workplace management platform can give you valuable insight:

  • Are you harnessing tools to understand usage?
  • Are you able to track relative productivity?
  • Who are your champion users?
  • What are the areas of pain that need coaching / learning support?
  • Who is using which UC technology?

Guaranteeing a positive employee experience

Another point to focus on is how the workforce experience is for your employees. Personnel turnover is expensive and if your people are unhappy, revenue will suffer and onboarding costs will rise. So, putting your largest asset at the heart of the business is the key to your success. Your digital workplace management platform can help with this process as well:

  • Do problems get resolved quickly or even before staff realize there is a problem?
  • Can you track trends and start predicting where things could start going wrong in the future so that you can be more proactive?
  • Do staff have all the most modern tools they need to be productive and communicate effectively?
  • Do they like and understand these tools? 
  • How are user adoption rates for the current UC collaboration services you provide today?
  • What could you do better to enhance the employee experience?

For both of these important themes, insight and intelligence are key. The more you know about your employee experience and employee satisfaction, the more you will make better decisions and your business will flourish, and the more you will set yourself apart from the competition. 

To address these the UC aspects related to these challenges, VOSS Insights is worth consideration, bringing Assurance, Analytics and NetFlow solutions to the market: 


Advanced, actionable business collaboration performance intelligence. Combine voice quality and service data with log analytics from any source before customizing alerts, thresholds, and events into response procedures tailored to your business and processes, with integration into your ticketing system for end-to-end automation.


Powerful business context insights and visibility to drive efficiency and understanding. Integrate with your IT Ops applications with enriched data for intelligence to help you deepen your collaboration service quality, usage, and effectiveness. Drive improved productivity, save money, and support adoption through continual transformation.


A deep network understanding across performance, usage, and degradation areas. Combine with collaboration data across on-premise and cloud deployments for increased fault isolation, user experience, security vulnerabilities, and network planning. Visibility across all network traffic and deep root cause analysis with proactive synthetic call testing.

I’d love to hear your experience of putting your people first! For more information on how VOSS can help your business transform through our suite of automation solutions please get in touch.