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Replace your Cisco Prime Collaboration Suite with VOSS – Watch our Video to Learn More

October 25, 2021

Jamie Litherland, Solutions Owner, VOSS Solutions

It has been an exciting time for VOSS. Last month, we were enormously proud to announce the acquisition of LayerX Technologies; a highly respected provider of advanced data analytics and monitoring software. With this acquisition, VOSS doesn’t just win on the software front; we also gain a great team of experts in the UC assurance and analytics space who I have no doubt will add huge value to our customers, business and product innovation and roadmap.

The timing couldn’t be better. With so many organisations adopting more agile business transformation strategies to support their increasingly dynamic workforce, assurance and analytics tools are becoming critical to the business. They give managers much needed insight and understanding into user data, to ensure a positive employee experience no matter how dispersed the workforce. They monitor adoption rates and productivity to make sure employees are working optimally, and flag any problem areas as they arise. And, they enable you to react to change quickly and effectively, ensuring your business stays nimble.

So, let’s look at another change in the industry: Cisco announced the end of sale and end of life of Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics, Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics for HCS, and Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning.What remains, is a huge user base with a very uncertain future. We have teamed up with the newest member of our team; LayerX CEO Jeff Graham, to discuss the PCA announcement in more detail.

In this video, we explain:

  • The risk of doing nothing to replace your PCA installation
  • The basic steps to keep your UC infrastructure safe
  • The path to a replacement strategy
  • Features and functionality to look out for in a new solution

Watch the video now

We also have a special offer for Cisco Prime Collaboration Solution customers, so if you would like to hear about that, or if you have any questions about your PCA replacement strategy, please feel free to contact us or click here for more information.