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VOSS Extends Microsoft Teams Telephony into More Geographies with Support for Additional Enterprise Voice Country Dial Plans

September 27, 2021

Tim Jalland, Solution Manager (Microsoft Teams), VOSS

Microsoft Teams is a success. When you look at the business model – to include Teams as part of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications – its success should never have been in doubt. What has taken everybody by surprise is the rapid adoption rate and the speed of growth – helped enormously by the recent trend of hybrid and remote working. Today, Microsoft Teams has over 250 million users globally; these are people who use it daily to collaborate and work together, no matter where they are located.

Now is the time for businesses to take the next step. Organizations are ready to extend their Teams deployment to enterprise voice, so that staff can use the same Microsoft client application for both Teams collaboration and to make and receive telephony calls to the world at large. There’s a challenge though. The inbuilt Microsoft Calling Plans are not readily available outside of Western Europe and North America and are relatively expensive. This means that organizations need to strike up and rely on new partnerships with local ‘Direct Routing’ providers to provide a local in region solution – this takes time, can be complex and is quite off-putting for some organizations.

For organizations that already have an enterprise voice system (Cisco) – there’s an alternative option to extend this to Microsoft Teams, allowing telephone numbers to be reused on the Microsoft Teams Client, keeping disruption and risk to a minimum. We call this hybrid as it integrates Microsoft Teams into one enterprise voice system. What’s more, we have just extended the number of country dial plans that are available to cover all major countries world-wide, meaning Teams Calling/Telephony is literally just a phone call away. It’s an easy way to offer telephony to all employees through the same client. It is appealing on so many levels: it saves staff time, it’s way more convenient, it will save money, it’s easier to manage.

If you would like to find out more about the approach or country support, please drop us a line.