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Do You Want to Save Significant Time and Money on Your UC Deployment?

Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager, VOSS

Tuesday December 13, 2022

I really wanted to title this post “One Weird Trick to Save Money on UC Deployment” (tongue in cheek of course), but cooler heads prevailed. These titles drive me crazy, but I’ll admit I’ve clicked on a few hoping for some great insight. Typically, I get a wall of text and the “weird trick” is either hidden at the bottom or I have to pay something to “learn more”. Well, I prefer a more straightforward approach so here is the “not-so-weird” answer right at the top:

Use VOSS, save time and money.

It really is that easy, and results are backed by real world experience and industry recognition. So, how much can you save using VOSS’ solutions?

See these real life examples of enterprise cost savings:


This month, a VOSS service provider customer rolled out a new service twice as fast as their ‘best case’ scenario (faster time to revenue)


  • A VOSS enterprise customer saved  over $230,000 in the first year through device license and phone number recovery
  • This ongoing saving is equivalent to 21 working days across their IT engineering and operations teams


  • A large enterprise customer saved the equivalent of 12 work days per month!
  • This enterprise reduced UC service escalations by 75%


  • An enterprise customer sped up their identification and resolution of UC related issues and improved their ability to proactively identify problem areas


  • Faster deployment times, automated management tools, and easy access to self service has drastically improved a VOSS service provider customer’s end user satisfaction and eased end user adoption

Best Service Management Platform

VOSS Solutions has been recognized by industry experts over the years. Our latest accomplishment is winning the Best Service Management Platform category from UC Awards. During the award presentation, the host, Rob Scott, explained; “One of the most important parts of deploying and managing UC solutions is the ability to effectively manage the technology, fix it up when it goes faulty, and help your users adopt features that will make them truly effective in their job roles.”

Co-host Maxine Nwaneri added; “We’ve been talking about employee experience but management experience is equally important. So, investing in technology to bring things together and effectively manage them, is crucial.”

Make Savings Today

The time is now to remove unnecessary expenses. The current business environment has significantly increased the level of digital transformation to new UCC solutions. However, for individual companies digital transformation is taking longer, and at double the anticipated cost.

Please don’t overspend on your UC deployment. VOSS can help with your transformation and we can help you with your existing UC operations, if you are waiting out the storm but still need to find areas of cost reduction. Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Zoom; we interface with all of these and more.

Contact us to learn mow (I promise we won’t charge you or sell your contact information!). Our experts will sit with you to understand your needs and recommend a solution with clear, easy to understand licensing costs.

No tricks, just a straightforward answer:

Use VOSS, save time and money