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Give Microsoft Teams a Voice with VOSS

February 17, 2022

Tim Jalland, Solution Manager, VOSS Solutions

This week, I’ve been excited to see some notable interest in our latest offering, “Give Microsoft Teams a Voice”, which has been designed to help the large enterprise market seamlessly integrate their enterprise voice into Microsoft Teams Phone System for a unified digital workplace experience.

Enterprise Voice and the Digital Workplace 

The offer could not come at a better time. With over 270 million active monthly users, Microsoft Teams is really starting to dominate as the leading platform for collaboration and productivity in the emerging digital workplace market.

Digital workplace management for fincial services

But what about the voice or telephony element of your digital workplace strategy? Is it fully integrated into the rest of your collaboration suite, for a seamless employee experience? In fact, many large enterprises are yet to solve this problem; it is stated that as little as 5 million Microsoft Teams users use the platform for enterprise voice to make calls to external partners, colleagues, and other parties on the public telephone network (PSTN).

And this is where VOSS can help. Our Give Teams a Voice migration package helps organizations to extend their use of Microsoft Teams to include their telephony strategy. Easy as that!

Give Microsoft Teams a Voice with VOSS

The VOSS “Give Teams a Voice” package accelerates an enterprise organization’s migration to Microsoft Teams, in three easy steps:

  1. Discovery Process – A deep data discovery, highlighting the existing voice inventory and set-up, possible issues, dependencies and considerations

  2. Mapping and Transformation – Advanced business logic, transformation rules and filters, followed by batch loading to automate and streamline the process of moving the existing telephony system to Microsoft Teams Phone System

  3. Automation Management – Ongoing review of the user configuration, including day to day service management using VOSS Automate during and post migration

The process is fast, efficient, and offers a great user experience along the journey. Notably, it is designed for large, multi-site, multinational corporations that have a high percentage of knowledge workers and who are already underway with a Microsoft 365 rollout. Furthermore, these organizations will be interested in transitioning their voice strategy to Microsoft Teams, to deliver on productivity and efficiency gains whilst reducing ongoing support costs and rationalizing older telephony platforms.

What to Expect from this Offer?

Give Teams a Voice with VOSS – The Package promises to unlock a host of benefits, including:

  • Accelerated project delivery, faster time to benefits and improved user adoption
  • Improved planning by using deep data analysis and quality review of existing voice system
  • Manage and model data with comprehensive SQL database (work at scale)
  • Automation to increase confidence, removing errors, manual and duplicate input
  • Improved efficiency, reducing demand on internal resources and technical staff
  • Reduced support load post migration resulting from errors and misconfiguration
  • Cloud delivery for a rapid start, with no interruption to live services
  • Flexibility to accommodate a wide range of business and technical scenarios
  • A secure, predictable process with audit logging and roll-back capabilities

There are a number of high profile enterprises that are already working with VOSS to transition their voice services to Microsoft Teams. If you would like to discuss your digital workplace management requirements with VOSS, please contact us.

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