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Operator Connect Mobile with Microsoft Teams

Taking Flexible and Hybrid Working to the Next Level

Friday March 25, 2022

Ever wanted to use your regular mobile device or phone to collaborate, call, and meet-up, without the nonsense of having to download an OTT application, use a non-native dial pad or a mobile number that’s not in any way connected with your PC, desktop, or collaboration client? The wait is almost over with the recent announcement of Operator Connect Mobile for Microsoft Teams, with general availability later this year.

This is a hugely significant integration between the mobile operator, Microsoft Teams, your modern workplace, and the public telephone network.

Who benefits?

From a business perspective, it’s a giant leap forward for hybrid working. It is a catalyst for productivity that’s underwritten by the success of the Microsoft Teams platform. And, it improves the workplace and facilitates easy collaboration, helping to attract and retain the very best talent.

Users will also significantly benefit:

  • A single number
  • The ability to make and receive calls from any place (your mobile, your PC, any other connected device)
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform
  • A link into your presence status so that colleagues know when you’re on a call and not likely to respond

Expectations will be high, and operators who move quickly will get an upper hand. That means extending internal operational networks and processes to support:

  • Integration with the Microsoft Teams service through APIs – from both a management and call handling perspective: Operator services are readily available for an organization to consume on the Teams Admin Center.
  • Automation to streamline the whole service acquisition and on-boarding process: Reduces manual touch-points and errors, increase efficiency, deliver services in an fast and agile manner and to provide a level of self-service for those organizations that require it.
  • Reporting and analytics on usage and trends, with a related and critical link into billing: Ensures the accurate and timely delivery of charges.
  • Finally, assistance to organizations on getting away from legacy on premise PBX systems: Take advantage of modern workplace solutions, rationalize and reduce costs, and remove the burden of supporting older platforms.

It’s a modern and competitive world out there where speed and agility make the difference. If you would like assistance with your Microsoft Operator Connect Mobile deployment, or if you’d like to discuss your strategy and possible options available to you, please get in touch.