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From resilience to digital perseverance: How organizations are using digital technology to turn the corner in unprecedented times

August 23, 2022

Tim Jalland, Solution Manager, VOSS Solutions

I came across a really interesting digitization article by Judson Althoff – Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft from the recent Microsoft Inspire conference. The premise is that successful organizations must invest in technology to drive innovation and improvements, as the only way to navigate and prosper in continuing times of uncertainty and risk.

Here’s his comment and a link to his article for further reading.

Leaders across industries share a commitment to innovation as the only path forward through uncertainty in global markets, especially as they continue to strengthen their security posture, reduce their carbon footprint, inject more visibility into their supply chains, and promote more inclusive prosperity in the communities where they operate.

Judson calls this ‘Digital Perseverance’ and defines this as the ability of organizations to thrive despite risk when they harness and wield digital technology to achieve their business goals and do more with less.

Where to start in the panorama of IT systems?

The bedrock to mobilize this is the fabric by which the organization, its employees and increasing its suppliers, partners and customers connect, communicate and work together. The organizations’ collaboration platform becomes critical as does a blueprint for what that looks like.

Do you agree?

What does that blueprint look like? A connected organization where everybody can freely work together in a secure, dynamic, and flexible way; whether they’re in the office, working from home, or traveling. It’s an underlying utility and asset that lets the organization run, innovate, and grow.

What does that mean?

Removing technology silos, moving from on-premise equipment to cloud applications, reducing relatively rigid capital structures, and eliminating burdensome and ongoing legacy support and maintenance costs.

Complexity can derail this. It also means taking the complexity and reliance on deeply skilled labor out of IT management. That comes back to a single and intuitive control panel that has visibility across all aspects of the collaboration service. One that can deliver automation, simplification, insight into component and user experience, and that can also be delivered from the cloud. That same system should also be able to serve as the platform to migrate and move services from the old world into the new.

Where to start?

Create your collaboration blueprint. Then, importantly, run an audit on where you’re starting from – a discovery on the services to transition, the ones to ditch.

Finally, build a roadmap outlining the steps to take. Then take them.

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