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Resilient Delivery and the Digital Workplace

March 17, 2022

Kelly Mark, Area Vice President, North America Sales, VOSS

In a series of blog posts, I have looked in depth at a Gartner Report that I found extremely relevant to VOSS and the digital workplace. I have analyzed Gartner’s key focus areas of: People Centricity, Location Independence, and this week, my final post looks at the third pillar; Resilient delivery and the digital workplace.

Resilient delivery

Why does Gartner focus on the theme of resilient delivery as one of the 9 key success factors to the digital workplace? Flexibility and being able to pivot to different ways of doing things are the key to an evolving successful business. This is especially true as the world climate continues to throw challenges at us. So many of us learned lessons from the last two years on how, during the pandemic, a lack of business agility made it difficult to cope with rapid and drastic change.

Resilient delivery means having the infrastructure and processes in place that allow organizations to adapt to change quickly; to absorb complexity to meet evolving needs.

In recent years, organizations have been so caught up in being “operationally efficient” that they haven’t been mindful of investing in resilient delivery. Gartner advises that during this period of consolidation and rebuild, organizations should be designing an architecture that:

  • Enables better access to information
  • Can augment that information with new insights
  • Is composable, modular, and can change and respond more quickly as decisions are made

What should your business be focusing on, and how can you help, to start to put a resilient delivery model in place?

Gartner cites three important areas to focus on.

The 3 pillars are:

  • Intelligent composable business – Ensure your organizational structure maps to the digital workplace so that it can easily adapt and change as the digital landscape evolves.
  • AI engineering – Make sure you understand the objectives of your AI strategy and you can translate and transform the output of your AI data into actionable intelligence that positively impacts your business.
  • Hyper automation – Perhaps the most interesting to me; the way in which businesses should look to automate as many processes as possible using tools like AI, machine learning, event-driven software, robotic process automation, integration with tooling such as ServiceNow and Workday and other types of decision process and task automation tools.

Intelligent automation is at the heart of everything we do at VOSS. The VOSS product suite is perfectly suited to address some of the challenges around resilient delivery. We work with companies and partners to drive success around building an intelligent composable business model, to unlock the value of your AI engineering, and to embrace hyper automation for the benefit of the entire organization.

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