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The Secrets to a Successful Merger or Acquisition 

Part 2: VOSS Automation Fuels Growth

VOSS Staff

Tuesday May 10, 2022

In Part 1 of our series on the Secrets to a Successful Merger or Acquisition, we looked at the importance of collaboration automation and integration on ensuring a positive user experience and unlocking productivity benefits. The emphasis being on the merging companies to interconnect, collaborate, and start being productive together as quickly as possible.

Many M&A deals are justified based on revenue synergies. In Part 2, we look at how collaboration automation and integration is crucial to achieving the planned synergies. In particular, we investigate the need for the merging companies to have the same growth and revenue objectives, and the impact on the business if they do not.

Growth and Revenue Objectives

So, what do we mean by revenue and growth objectives? Bringing two organizations together unlocks an exciting new business opportunity. Suddenly, each side of the business has a brand new customer base to cross-sell or up-sell to. Or new regions and markets in which to present their products. However, time is of the essence.

“Diversification of the products, services and long-term prospects of your business. A target business may be able to offer you products or services which you can sell through your own distribution channels.”

At the point of the merger or acquisition, both companies must be aligned in terms of their growth and revenue strategy. They should understand the immediate opportunity that must be exploited. In order to be aligned and disseminate a cohesive and compelling message to both customer bases, the two companies must be able to collaborate productively.

This is only possible if the disparate collaboration tools and processes of the acquired and acquiring businesses can be integrated. And, if additional collaboration tools are necessary, these need to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Digital workplace management for fincial services

The VOSS Answer

VOSS is in the perfect position to help you rationalize your collaboration infrastructure. It provides an effective, integrated platform which is the enabler for revenue synergies.

  • VOSS Automate is the world’s most advanced automation management platform, offering a single point of administration and integration for multi-vendor collaboration tools in the digital workplace ecosystem. This is perfect for organizations going through a merger or acquisition. VOSS Automate sits above the two separate collaboration platforms. It integrates them to provide the automation and orchestration, and seamless migration from one platform to the chosen rationalized platform.
  • VOSS Insights will give the merged companies centralized insights they need to understand the two disparate collaboration platforms and to operate these as effectively as possible. Actionable intelligence and performance management data will enable you to speed user adoption, promote inter-company collaboration, and fuel productivity.

Next Steps

If you are planning for a merger or acquisition, an effective collaboration strategy will not only improve the employee experience. It will also speed your path to new revenue opportunities. To find out more about how VOSS can help with your M&A activity, please get in touch.