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VOSS Automate – Catering To The Unique Needs Of The Education Market

December 6, 2022

Elizabeth Kallay, Enterprise Sales Manager, VOSS Solutions

Digital transformation is affecting schools in similar ways to other enterprises and government organizations, and managing the myriad technology solutions required to allow educators to perform their job is challenging.

Here at VOSS, we empower educators to embrace digital business transformation to respond to the changes in the way their people work, learn, and consume educational services.

For example:

  • Administering annual and on-going changes to educators moving classrooms and/or schools, including support for remote and hybrid working
  • Managing the way students interact and collaborate with staff and peers, with the ability to quickly cater to evolving trends for students to maximize productivity
  • Seamlessly integrating new best-of-breed technologies that speed and improve collaboration with existing business systems like directories, ticketing, or human resource systems
  • Addressing end user experience to meet the expectation that changes to services are made in real-time, self-service is intuitive and helpful, and problem resolution is immediate

Introducing VOSS Automate

I invite you to learn more about VOSS Automate for Education; a highly customized release that caters to the education market. Based on the full featured VOSS Automate, the world’s most advanced digital orchestration platform, our award-winning technology comprises an extensive array of automation management capabilities that significantly lower your operating costs and meet your business needs now and as they evolve in the future.

By providing a standardized UC & collaboration management solution, purpose fit for education, VOSS reduces the need for engineering support thereby providing a cost-effective solution.

What Does VOSS Automate Enable You To Do?

  • Intuitive move, add, change, delete (MACD) functionality
  • Reassign end points from standalone or vacant to a visiting educator
  • Reassign end points from a departing educator to an incoming educator
  • Reassign end points from a departing educator to standalone or vacant configuration
  • Move an endpoint or educator from classroom/office x to classroom/office y
  • Manage school issued student devices
  • Mass onboard and offboard users at the beginning and end of the school year (or your defined intervals)
  • Assign/remove communication devices and services to guest educators
  • Configure classroom, breakroom, kitchen, hallway phones, and devices (such as video, meeting devices)
  • Switch out phones that are not working properly
  • Change school greetings for emergencies, weather, and administrative notifications
  • Create and manage office groups, ie: Admissions office or Principal office phones can ring simultaneously or in a specified order
  • Provide centralized administration of full estate with role-based access control, allowing staff with limited access to administer changes in multiple different buildings across the district or campus
VOSS named IDC Innovator

Extensive Integration

At the core, VOSS Automate is based on workflows associated with APIs, meaning you can connect to other software systems for increased automation:

  • Integrate with your ticketing system (such as ServiceNow) to complete provisioning and management activities based on tickets being opened or updated
  • Connect to human resource type systems to automatically provision or deprovision devices and services based on your typical inputs to the HR system – we call this “flow-through” or “zero-touch” provisioning
  • Continue to use your existing processes but allow VOSS Automate to streamline many of these traditionally manual steps.

Unlock the Benefits

There are a host of benefits you can unlock with VOSS Automate for Education. Here, I highlight just a few:

  • Automate the provisioning and ongoing management of voice and video endpoints – no technical experience necessary
  • Improve provisioning speed and accuracy with proactive notification of any issues
  • Unlock intuitive self-service for end users, reducing service desk calls
  • Harness automation to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and lessen the burden on highly skilled technical staff

If you would like to learn more about VOSS Automate for Education, please click here or get in touch!