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VOSS for Education – Digital Workplace Management Technology for the Education Sector

November 3, 2022

Elizabeth Kallay, Enterprise Sales Manager, VOSS Solutions

According to Metrigy, (Unified Communications Management and Endpoints Global Research Study: 2021-22), organizations in the education sector adopt UC management tools at a higher rate than other industry sectors:

The main drivers for educators to purchase administrative management technology include the need for proactive notification of provisioning issues, the ability to support self-service user management, the desire to reduce provisioning times, and the need for asset management.

I’m excited to share news of a new and highly customized release from VOSS that caters to the education market. VOSS for Education provides automated and agile digital workplace management for education institutions, to simplify the administration of multi-vendor UC and collaboration services.

Why now?

In my experience, digital transformation is affecting schools in a way similar to other enterprises and government organizations. IT teams are challenged with managing a host of technology solutions to allow educators to perform their job, which is time consuming, expensive, resource intensive, and often error prone. Added to this, hybrid working is increasingly common, which brings an added layer of IT management complexity.

What is it?

VOSS has designed a solution to specifically help education establishments embrace digital business transformation, and respond to the changes in the way their people work, learn, and consume educational services.

The offer focuses on enabling IT teams to:

  • Administer annual and on-going changes to educators moving classrooms and/or schools, including support for remote and hybrid working
  • Manage the way students interact and collaborate with staff and peers, with the ability to quickly cater to evolving trends for students to maximize productivity
  • Seamlessly integrate new best-of-breed technologies that speed and improve collaboration with existing business systems like directories, ticketing, or human resource systems
  • Address end user experience to meet the expectation that changes to services are made in real-time, self-service is intuitive and helpful, and problem resolution is immediate

What’s included?

VOSS for Education is based on the full featured VOSS Automate – the world’s most advanced digital orchestration platform – and comprises an extensive array of automation management capabilities that significantly lower your operating costs and meet your business needs now and as they evolve in the future.

By providing a standardized UC & collaboration management solution, purpose fit for education, VOSS reduces the need for engineering support thereby providing a cost-effective solution.

Harness integration

At the core, VOSS Automate is based on workflows associated with APIs, connecting to other software systems for increased automation allowing you to :

  • Integrate with ticketing systems (such as ServiceNow) to complete provisioning and management activities based on tickets being opened or updated
  • Connect to human resource type systems to automatically provision or deprovision devices and services based on your typical inputs to the HR system – we call this “flow-through” or “zero-touch” provisioning
  • Continue to use existing processes but allow VOSS Automate to streamline many of these traditionally manual steps

Reap the rewards

I’ve worked in the UC automation management industry for many years, and understand that the emerging challenges facing the education industry are different to other market sectors. This cost-effective offer from VOSS gets to the heart of the challenges that the IT departments of the education industry are facing.

With VOSS, you can expect to:

  • Automate the provisioning and ongoing management of voice and video endpoints – no technical experience necessary
  • Improve provisioning speed and accuracy with proactive notification of any issues
  • Unlock intuitive self-service for end users, reducing service desk calls
  • Harness automation to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and lessen the burden on highly skilled technical staff

Want to learn more? Read more about VOSS for Education, or please get in touch to discuss VOSS for Education in more detail.