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VOSS Insights – Actionable Intelligence into Cisco Webex Control Hub 

February 10, 2022

Richard Ablitt, VOSS Insights Product Manager, VOSS Solutions

We are constantly evolving and maturing VOSS Insights (previously known as the VOSS Assurance suite). Over the coming weeks, I will highlight some of the recent improvements to VOSS Insights, and share some examples of how our customers are maximizing value from our performance management toolset. In this post, we focus on how VOSS Insights gives actionable intelligence into Webex Control Hub.

It offers a holistic view of all Webex services, enabling you to manage your services and users, provision devices, view detailed analytics and reporting, and configure security and compliance policies.

For enterprises that have a single interface for their collaboration tools, Webex Control Hub ticks all the boxes. For Service Providers and Managed Service Providers who offer multi-tenant solutions that serve numerous customers at the same time, it means many interfaces; one for each customer. Suddenly, the value of managing all services, users, and devices becomes very complex. Administrators need to log into each individual customer platform to access the valuable data relating to that customer.

There is no doubt that Webex Control Hub is an excellent Cisco portal. But, multiple logins makes tasks repetitive and significantly increases the risk of mistakes; not to mention the time-consuming and costly nature of this method.

control hub | webex jitter

Not any more!

VOSS Insights enables Service Providers and Managed Service Providers to access the data in all of their Webex Control Hub platforms from a single point of control. Imagine being able to log in to one single platform to monitor and manage the performance of your entire customer base from a central console? It’s possible with VOSS. Using VOSS to administer all customers from a single platform will save time, money, improve service quality and delivery, whilst also positively impacting the customer experience.

Let’s take a look at what’s included

Devices – Access performance data on all phones, soft clients and video endpoints. Monitor the status of video rooms. Gather an inventory on the types of devices under management, their location and capacity. Manage the status of software versions. Manage registered phone status; where it is plugged in, and how it is functioning. 

Users – Analyze data on types of users and the number of users. Understand which features and services are available to users, and their location. 

Licences – Keep on top of capacity management by knowing your subscription and consumption amounts down to a user and device level. See who the licenses are assigned to and understand how many licenses have been purchased compared to how many have been consumed.  

Calling – Gather data on PSTN breakout, call records of PSTN, and call quality. Analyze the numbers called the most and the top callers. 

Meetings – Access data on the quality of meetings, lists of meetings and participants. Gather and analyze the quality of meetings MOS score, packet loss, jitter, and latency.

Metrics for Call Modalities:  

control hub | webex jitter

Customer User Case

I’d like to share a recent case study that is relevant to managing a hybrid multi-vendor / technology environment for video. The customer had invested in some high-end, quality video devices that were registered to on-premise control units such as the Cisco TMS and Cisco CUCM. They wanted to move the video devices to the cloud using Webex Control Hub and integrate with Microsoft Teams using CVI for video interoperability. VOSS was engaged to provide a single pane of glass for video endpoint management, inventory management, device status and health, as well as call quality statistics.

The Solution

The customer was already using VOSS Insights to manage their on-premise devices. They wanted to extend the capability to manage the on-premise estate, the Webex Control Hub-managed devices, and the Microsoft Teams calls and meetings. VOSS Insights provided a single point of control, offering a deep understanding of the multi-vendor environment in real-time. This allowed the customer to sweat existing assets to extract maximum value, while simultaneously embracing emerging technologies.

VOSS Insights – Actionable Intelligence into Webex Control Hub

VOSS Insights unlocks so much possibility for added value. Whether you are a service provider or a managed service provider looking to manage multiple instances from a single pane of glass – or if you wish to overarch multiple complementary technologies from a holistic performance management platform – we have a solution for you.

If you have any questions about monitoring Cisco Webex Control, or how we work with VOSS for Cisco, please get in touch. And, keep a lookout for more advancements in the coming weeks!