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VOSS Insights – Performance Monitoring and Management for Microsoft 365 Suite

March 8, 2022

Richard Ablitt, VOSS Insights Product Manager, VOSS Solutions

In this blog post, I highlight some new functionality that is now available in VOSS Insights; sharing details of exciting new UC performance monitoring and management capabilities for users of the Microsoft 365 suite.

(Microsoft officially announced that Microsoft Office 365 was renamed to Microsoft 365 on April 21, 2020)

Microsoft 365: Rate My Call

With hybrid working here to stay, it’s more important than ever to stay in tune with employee experience. Now that the workforce is dispersed – often spanning cities, countries and even continents – we need real-time insight into the performance of the collaboration and productivity tools that employees use, to be able to react really quickly when anything goes awry.

The first feature to focus on is called Rate my Call, and I want to share the business driver behind us creating this latest enhancement.

Often, when a systems administrator is notified that a problem has occurred – a threshold might have been reached, a service might have failed, a site is escalating and the service desk is getting calls from multiple users about problems – it’s too late; the problem has occurred and the users have been affected. Even if you fix this problem immediately, employee experience has been suboptimal and satisfaction rates have gone down. The damage has been done.

In the hybrid workplace especially, sentiment analysis becomes incredibly important. If we are able to proactively measure and analyze employee sentiment, we can respond to situations before they become issues – before the employee has been negatively impacted, and before the damage has been done.

Look at it another way; as a user, how often do you submit a ticket if your service is below par? If we are dissatisfied with a particular service, we might complain to friends, or post something negative on Twitter or LinkedIn, but the provider isn’t actively engaged in solving the problem until the issue has really escalated.

This is why Rate my Call is such a significant addition to the VOSS performance management portfolio. This passive user indicator gives systems administrators actionable sentiment insight, empowering them to proactively respond to negative feedback, before issues arise.

With Rate my Call, organizations can be reassured they are delivering a positive employee experience, for a productive and happy workforce.

Microsoft 365: Adoption and Trending

Would you like insight into which Microsoft 365 productivity apps your employees do and do not use? How are they using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, or Exchange? When were they last active? How active are they? What about interactions? How many messages are being sent, how many calls are being made, how many meetings attended? Are there any trends in this data to help you improve employee experience and company productivity?

VOSS Insights now includes the ability to monitor and report on all of these elements in Microsoft, to give you a deep understanding of your colleague’s tool adoption and usage, and actionable intelligence to make sure you are getting maximum value from your Microsoft 365 licenses.

Microsoft 365: Poor Calls and Call Failure Indicators

The third new feature enables organizations to analyze and drill into the reasons for poor call quality or call failures, enabling you to resolve wider issues.

Microsoft 365 provides detailed failure indicators but you can’t necessarily pinpoint what the impact is. VOSS takes the Microsoft data and enhances it, giving you insight into why the call failed, what happened, where the point of failure was, and who was impacted. For example, it could have been a networking issue, a headset issue, a call setup issue; we can tell you who has been impacted and where the problem occurred.

This meaningful insight empowers you to track any failure scenarios and take proactive remedial action.

Microsoft 365: Active Directory and User Insights

This final feature focuses on configuration insight and management. With VOSS Insights, it is now possible to gather statistics and analysis on Microsoft 365 users, their configuration settings, license usage, and adoption.

With VOSS Insights, you can improve visibility into your user configuration and ensure you have the right users configured for the right features and services and ensure the right policies have been assigned to the user base.

This is important because telephony regulation, security , configuration and policies ensure your users are accurately configured based on their persona, department or region. You need the insights into this vast amount of data and it is not easy to see when contained in the Microsoft ecosystem. A misconfiguration of a user is going to affect the services they use, their collaboration experience or even the compliance of the organization’s security policies.


I’m really excited about these latest enhancements to VOSS Insights. If you’d like to discuss any performance management requirements for your Microsoft suite, please get in touch.